Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dandi Maestre: Statement Jewellery

Dandi Maestre's one of a kind jewellery designs are clearly inspired by travel and culture.  In fact, a lot of the pieces on Maestre's website remind me of jewellery I purchased in Ghana...only more exaggerated.  Natural materials from bone to wood are formed into extravagent statement pieces.

If you know me then you'll find it unsurprising that I am wondering how to find the funds to purchase some of this.  The only problem is the "price available on request" aspect...this is always a clear sign that even saving won't allow me to afford any of them!

Maestre says: "I see my pieces as artwork, where there isn’t anything too outrageous. Taking nature as my inspiration, I continue to explore organic shapes found in bone and driftwood, in shed antlers and amber, in coconuts and bull horns, in natural fibre and seeds, in rough emeralds and crocodile skins, in skulls and shells. I love their forms and their natural raw beauty."

The colours, shapes and patterns that can be created from natural objects will put you off cheap Primark beads for life.

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