Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Soundtrack to Stress the title of this post is a little extreme. I'm not manically stressed, I just have five deadlines this week. Currently I have done 4 of those...I'm definitely on top of everything. It's times like these when checklists are good.

1. Umbro iPad magazine - CHECK :)
2. Cellardoor magazine article - CHECK :)
3. Uni report 1- CHECK :)
4. Uni progression presentation - CHECK :)
5. Uni report 2 (formatted as an iPad magazine) - erm.... not so check :( It's written, it's partially formatted but it's definitely not finished. Bugger.

Anyway, in an effort to get all this done in time I have gathered albums that keep me happy enough to work but not so happy that I start working. I have decided to share this just-happy-enough-ness with others so that they too can be productive. If you're expecting anything exciting and new then lower those. Here's a tip - those albums that are best aren't that new. Or they're new but I've listened to them so much I don't have to spend time focusing on lyrics I just sing along, much to the joy of my neighbours. (They're really loud and rude and inconsiderate anyway so it's fine).

Here goes... (in no particular order!)
1. Kate Nash, Made of Bricks - Merry Happy is my current favourite, it was Birds before that.
2 and 3. Paolo Nutini, Sunny Side Up AND Those Streets - Yep Paolo is just bloody awesome at keeping me going.
4. Slow Club, Yeah So - When I Go is a gem of a track.
5. Stereophonics, Word Gets Around - I've wrote about them before (i.e. here) so you may be aware of my love for Kelly Jones.
6. The XX, XX - the bonus tracks are awesome if you haven't had a listen.

So yeah...I told you they weren't exciting but believe me they will keep you focused a treat. Here's a little bit to get you going: