Monday, 31 May 2010

The Human Heart

I found this image on The Maison Happiness, home to Licia Floria's blog.  There's so much more to the human body than we think.  Some think love it a chemical reaction but I like the idea that there is more to the human body than meets the eye.

Oddly enough the blog post was entitled A Wolf at the Door and this image was paired with that of a young girl having a tea party with a wolf.  This is a good representation of what love can be like...a wolf playing nice until it turns and you can be left heartbroken.

Luckily for me "romantic possibilities" section of my heart has taken over lately, but...and here's the tedious link...if the "broken/shattered area of regret/tragedy" area of your heart has gone into overdrive check out Kissed Lot's Of Frogs, which launches today!  Read about it here...

ASOS Black

I have been patiently waiting for a while for the launch of the latest ASOS Black range after seeing some carefully styled piece in one of their magazines.  I fell head over heels in love with a feather skirt...not so surprising if you read this blog often, I have quite the penchant for feathers.

So when it launched a few weeks ago I raced home to order said skirt.  Patiently waiting...the next day delivery was not so next day thanks to Parcelforce having a mare with their electronics system...I dug into the bag when it arrived only to find I do not have the right figure for it.  Not in a "I can't pull off feathers" kind of way.  Oh no.  In a "this doesn't fit at all kind of way".  Silly me forgot that due to all the structured feathers there is a lack of movement and stretch...and apparently my hourglass figure doesn't exactly fit ASOS's image of the perfect size 10. 

However, despite all this I am still in love with ASOS Black right now.  The range fully embraces the extravagent side to fashion using all the best fabrics and embellishments, drawing inspiration from romanticism and Parisian couture and utilising a nude palette that encompasses everything from grey to cappuccino rather than just cream...bravo.  Whats more they have taken ruffles to a new level and Spring/Summer 2010 is all about ruffles in my humble opinion.

Here's my pick of the best pieces, and yes the skirt is included because it will fit someone and they will look fabulous...

Thursday, 27 May 2010

"The Talk"

"The Talk" is the universal reference to two people sitting down and discussing where things are going.  My friends consistently mock me for my aversion (cowerdice) when it comes to having "The Talk" myself.  Needless to say, as I sit here watching How I Met Your Mother's "Definitions" episode I can't help but laugh as it seems I am not the only one.  It is clearly such a universal issue an entire episode of a comedy is dedicated to it.

So how do you overcome the fear of "The Talk"?  God knows.  I definitely don't have a clue.

Any ideas?  Anyone?  Thought not.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Night Terror

I like to sleep.  A lot.  It is a favourite hobby of mine.  The only problem is that I have this incessant imagination that just will not shut up.  Today my dad recalled an occasion last week that I had forgotten...I woke up, saw someone hovering over my bed (yes I know people can't hover) and ran into his room panicked and rambling that somebody was in my room.

I had forgotten this because: a) it was such a brief interlude between me waking up and calming down and going back to sleep... and b) this kind of thing happens to me all the time.  As a child my mom lay with me for hours in the night so I would go back to sleep after having a nightmare.  My sister, who will be 12 in August, has previously ran into my room when she's been woken by my scream and had to comfort me. What causes nightmares?  Are the images that seep into reality really there or an extension to some dream I don't remember?  People have told me it's ghosts but I'm not sure I believe them.  More, I don't want to believe them.

Homer (The Odyssey) says: "Dreams surely are difficult, confusing, and not everything in them is brought to pass for mankind. For fleeting dreams have two gates: one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory. Those which pass through the one of sawn ivory are deceptive, bringing tidings which come to nought, but those which issue from the one of polished horn bring true results when a mortal sees them."

This concept of night terrors, of dreams that "bring true results" and those that "come to nought" reminds me of Laura Marlings 'Night Terror'...let's hope I'll always have someone in my corner to take care of me if I scream within the night.  In fact, if we're hoping for something, let's hope this doesn't scare off every man in the world.  Christ.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Prague is one of my favourite places on Earth.  Just seeing pictures of the place makes me all reminiscent of times drinking Caprioska's on the bankside gazing at the Palace across the river as the sun sets, arguing with my friend over who should get a shot with the beautiful barman, gazing at beautiful stained glass in churches nestled in amongst a mass of buildings, embracing my long lost boyfriend with ferocity when meeting him on Charles Bridge after not seeing him for nearly two months as we both jetted around the world.
(Note: Read jetting as me basking on a beach in Spain for three weeks and crossing on the Channel as he headed off interrailing for a month.  Also note that whilst this moment was very memorable for me he probably has no clue what I'm on about.)

On my first visit I was so in awe I ignored the graffitti and the dirt, the beggars, the prostitutes.  That was all quirky artwork, blind women singing operatic tunes and eclectic women.  Prague is a beautiful place but on my second visit, when that 'I'm never letting you go' hug took place, I saw it more for what it really was., stipped back by a more realistic and older head.  It was still wonderfully but it was suddenly more touristy, people knew where it was when I said where I was going and the beautiful craftwork stalls had been replaced by...well...tat as my Granny would say. 

This is not to say I loved it any less but the love had altered.  Queue the hotel thinking we've done a runner without paying as we don't come back for a night after saying that we'd be back that evening to pay our bill, eating Pom Bears and drinking a gallon of Coke very hungover, getting annoyed that our favourite bar had closed and failing to find the perfect Caprioska anywhere else.

To my amusement I then read an article on Fused's website that followed a similar story, though with much less romance and illusion.  I laughed out loud, which is odd for travel writing.  Fused reminds me of a less protentious version of Wallpaper magazine and this article summed it up for me.  I like the attitude, the honest, and the funny anicdotes.  Take a look if you want to smile.  Whoever Johnny is I want to meet him.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Brandy and Monica: The Boy is Mine ...Glee-tastic Memories.

When Glee took it's little break from E4 I decided to break away from it entirely...I really didn't need any more television shows in my life.  Last night however, during some rare time spent in the same room as my 11 year old sister (we fight like cat and dog) I was forced to sit through Glee.

The outcome?  I felt really old... When they burst out with Brandy's 'The Boy Is Mine' my sister had no clue what it was.  Having being born in 1998 I forgot all the 90's classics she'd missed.And yes, I did tell her it was a classic and she had to love it.  This one in particular was actually released around the time she was born!  She looked at me as if I was weird, and old.  For all of you that may have forgotten this song like I had (or all you youngsters who are reading this with the same look my sister had) here it is...

Leighton Meester: From Blair to Brilliant

Blair Waldorf is the classical beauty looking stunning in Jennifer Behr headbands, making girls across the world pine for headwear.  In reality the Gossip Girl actress, Leighton Meester can pull off any look.  From casual chic to stunning fashionista Leighton is so often over looked in comparison to her counterpart Blake Lively.  She may have jumped up Glamour's best dresed list, moving up 32 places to the number 4 spot...beaten to number 3 by Blake herself.

It has to be said the Gossip Girl cast know fashion but they can't all pull it off this well.  Not only does Leighton dock the works of emerging designers, such as London's Emilio de la Morena, with the same bravado as if she was in Louis Vuitton (which some days she is) but she so easily pulls off Blair's upper class style one moment before chucking the headband, mussing the hair and emerging as a beautiful rock chic.  That's what's so refreshing about Leighton...her own style is not that of her character.

Glamour mag even compiled a list of  '15 Reasons To Love Leighton Meester' and they are all correct, I think you'll agree...

...from Blair to Brilliant in costume, Emilio de la Morena, Christian Cota and Louis Vuitton!  Click the link above to see all of Glamour's great Leighton pics.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Massive Attack: Paradise Circus

After looking up this song, which featured on Gossip Girl this week, I couldn't help but want to share it with you.  Massive Attack are pretty good anyway but Gossip Girl have hit the nail on the head by choosing what must be one of their best songs.  It seems they have not only excellent taste in clothes but music as well.  About time I invested in the album I think...

2Weeks 2Make It: Brum 2010

If you read my blog you'll know I love untapped talent.  If it's untapped local talent even better because it gives me the chance to experience it first hand.  That's why I love Created in Birmingham so much.  In order to encourage new talent I'm going to try to do my best to lace in some competition info into FCR so that all you budding creatives can get involved.  First up is 2Weeks 2Make It, Birmingham 2010.

"2Weeks 2Make It is a music video competition pairing randomly drawn teams of filmmakers and musical artists who then have exactly 2 weeks to shoot and edit a music video from scratch! The aim is to have fun and encourage teamwork, initiative and creativity “under fire”, whilst working to a challenging and immovable deadline."

Kicking off on 21st May there will be a Professional Music Video Masterclass followed by the official launch where the bands and film teams will be randomly matched.  On June 15th, following two weeks of madness, there will be a screening and party for all involved to share their stories, watch their videos and...of course...a prize ceremony.  The perfect way to get your talent noticed.  The only drawback?  Today is the final day for registration, which ends at midnight.  I know, it's late...I only just found out about this so I apologise.

For all the information you could need visit the 2Weeks 2Make It Brum 2010 website...don't miss your chance!  For an added bit of inspiration here's what the winners from last years Yorkshire based competition came up with.  Sheffield did a good job but I think Birmingham could do better...

Dating Diaries

For the past four years my love life has pretty much only included one person, with others thrown in to our mix not really lasting very well.  That's why it's unlikely you'll hear of any wonderful/horrendous first dates.  In fact, my latest date was with that very same boy...we went to Ironbridge, saw the bridge, discussed the newleyweds having their pictures taken, had some food and went home.  Not exactly blogworthy.

It is probably for this reason that I find dating blogs so amusing.  They are popping up everywhere.  If not dating, at least love/relationship based.  From Kissed Lots of Frogs and Notes from the Dating Trenches to The Loves and Life of a London Girl and Tales from the Tower women are blogging about their exposing their love highs and woes left right and centre.  I'm not sure I could expose myself so publically...I have tried to be all honest and diary-like on my blog before but it just feels a bit odd dealing with certain subjects.

I suppose some people gain solice in having others going through similar things there, or in the fact that they don't have similar disasters.  Really though, the most interesting dating blog I have stumbled upon so far is Plenty More Fish Out of Water.  Fishy's dating diary is not only honest and amusing but is even more poigniant because it's written by a man.  Believe me, if you worried that girls were the only ones you're wrong.  Filled with confessions, planning and rejections it is pure dating blog gold. 

Whoever the student is that lives in his building should be concerned...her rather large chest has apparently intruged him so much he's checking her mail for information.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Take Back Parliament

I was very exctited last week because I finally got to vote.  I always thought I'd get to vote before I was 22 but hey ho.  After listening to continued moaning about the rubbish system of voting in the UK I finally gave in and listened to my stepdad by visiting the Take Back Parliament website.  He has suddenly gone all political on me, protesting for change by attending rallies...amazing. (Today is his 47th birthday...if you ever read my blog happy birthday!)  The Take Back Parliament petition is striving for The Alternative Vote:

"The Alternative Vote is similar to First Past the Post, except instead of marking an "X" in a box voters are allowed to rank candidates (1, 2, 3 etc) according to their preferences.  If a candidate recieves a majority of first-choice preferences then they are elected.  If no majority is recieved on first preference votes, then the second preferences are countend (and then third, and so on) until a candidate recieves a majority."

Sounds fairly simple and very practical really.  Nobody to then complain about hung parliaments or not properly getting heard. long as people get their arses in gear have enough voting slips and enough polling stations.  Really...sometimes you have to wonder what state we're in when polling stations don't expect to have enough voters to use a small amount of slips.  Astounding.

Anyway, I'm not pretending to know lots I'm just acknowledging that what we have now isn't exactly right and that this sounds better.  The petition may even give the new government a push!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Fantastic Florence and Friends

Florence Welch is amazing.  Last night I drank, I danced and I screamed (it's never really singing at gigs is it?) along to the wonderful Miss Welch at Wolverhampton's Civic Hall and she was incredible.  I expected lots of extravagent costumes but I was wrong...and that wasn't a bad thing.

Joined by everyone from a keyboard player and a drummer to a harpist and a string section Florence took to the stage in a simple black outfit, adapted by additional pieces from batwing arms to a shawl worn over the head for effect.  (The pic below is from her website because I was so over excited I forgot to take my own sorrrry!)  The stand out piece was her voice.  And her fantastic flaming hair of course.  With her and Paramore's Hayley bowling me over every time I see them I may just have to give up being a blonde.

Another surprise for the evening...BOTH supports were fantastic.  Babe Shadow got the crowd off to a good start with The Drums completely blowing us away.  If you haven't heard of The Drums you really need to.  I was convinced I had no clue who they were but I recognised a fair few tracks...and doesn't it always help when the frontman has amazing stage presence, they all have amazing hair and the drummer is cute?  Check out their MySpace and take a listen.  Down by the Water is a personal favourite of mine...

Kissed Lots of Frogs

Break ups are always going to be difficult, made more so by certain circumstances: Are you still at school together? Are you friends/have the same friends? What happens when they start to see someone else? What if the reason you broke up was because they already were seeing someone else?

Even if, like one of the girls at work, you just weren't feeling the spark break ups are still hard...despite it being you doing the breaking up!  I remember my first proper break up well.  After breaking up three or four times he cut his losses and decided to go our with my best friend.  I was gutted.  And 13.

Remembering this is what makes me think new website Kissed Lots of Frogs is going to be amazing.  I don't know all that much about it, only what @kissedfrogs twitter tells me.  It is a fun, light hearted website to help teenagers and people in their early 20's to go through a break up..."Sell your stuff, fitness plan, fashion blog etc...its going to make you laugh!"

I'm not sure how Kissed Lots of Frogs is going to manage to attract both of these age ranges.  Teenagers need a place to rant, an advice how then to look astoundingly good at school and how to make the boy jealous.  That's what they want to hear anyway, whether this advice will work is another matter.  What people in their early 20's want is a support group to stop them relapsing and giving in when the ex is actually just no good for them, probably a foolproof diet to lose 20 pounds and maybe a way to meet new people.

Needless to say if this site succeeds I'll regret not having it before.  Let's be honest anyone going through a break up could do with a laugh! Kissed Lots of Frogs will launch on Monday May 31st.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

2010: The year to embrace yellow?

I succumbed to the yellow trend today.  It's plagued me every summer because of how bloody pale I am.  Nothing has changed...but I fell in love with a dress.  A dress from Next.  I'm thinking I'll shun the black and go all grey and silver when it comes to accessories.  If you know me I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to picture me in this but bear in mind I am an awfully lot more hourglass than this teeny tiny model here, imagine all those ruffles shimmying around and me with a nice glass of white in my hand.  Picture me in it now?

In case you disagree with my choice I've compiled some other splendid yellow numbers that are on the market.

Karen Millen (£135), Very by Vera Moda (£50), Traffic People (RRP £55, £25 at ASOS Outlet), Eucalyptus (RRP £69, £32 at ASOS Outlet), Ted Baker (£199) and ASOS (£36)

All of these are available from ASOS.  Lazy?  Me?  No's research.  I'm looking into jobs there and what better way to understand the brand than to indulge in their style?  From subtle tints of yellow to acid brights and multi-colour prints emblazoned with lemon tones maybe 2010 is the year to embrace yellow. If I can do it you definitely can!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Created in Birmingham

So I haven't blogged for what feels like a very long time.  Not only have I been poorly sick but I have been uninspired completely.  Until today.... Hooray!!

After unwillingly journeying into Birmingham in an attempt to get the lovely people at Apple to fix my phone (they didn't) I stumbled upon the shop Created in Birmingham.  Full of treaures and trinkets from hand printed note pads to jewellery to clothing to original photography...all created by local artists!!  Jewellery makers banged against artists manning stands whilst musicians chilled out on the sofas with their guitars.  I was grinning by the time I came out...full of the wonders of the shop and dying to take my friend Katie, who I know would have loved it.

I rushed home to Google the shop hoping they were online to pass on the info to others...only to find out that they are closing/moving and no, they do not sell online.

There was a small illustration print about heroes, a purple bangle made of surprisingly thin curving metal and a wooden clock that I had my eye set on.  This is when delaying a purchase comes back to bite you in the ass...and I dislike the Apple corporation even more.  After my scheduled time to meet with a Genius (who was not a genius clearly as he has no clue what is wrong with my phone and suggested I purchase a new refurbed one for £150) I had to leg it for my train home.  Now I feel terrible.  I want those things.  They would have been more beneficial than the Topshop bag I brought (though it's pretty nice, all grey and's this one but grey).

HOWEVER....more things like this should happen.  I urge you to find out more about them at the Created in Birmingham website...and cross your fingers they come back!!