Thursday, 20 May 2010


Prague is one of my favourite places on Earth.  Just seeing pictures of the place makes me all reminiscent of times drinking Caprioska's on the bankside gazing at the Palace across the river as the sun sets, arguing with my friend over who should get a shot with the beautiful barman, gazing at beautiful stained glass in churches nestled in amongst a mass of buildings, embracing my long lost boyfriend with ferocity when meeting him on Charles Bridge after not seeing him for nearly two months as we both jetted around the world.
(Note: Read jetting as me basking on a beach in Spain for three weeks and crossing on the Channel as he headed off interrailing for a month.  Also note that whilst this moment was very memorable for me he probably has no clue what I'm on about.)

On my first visit I was so in awe I ignored the graffitti and the dirt, the beggars, the prostitutes.  That was all quirky artwork, blind women singing operatic tunes and eclectic women.  Prague is a beautiful place but on my second visit, when that 'I'm never letting you go' hug took place, I saw it more for what it really was., stipped back by a more realistic and older head.  It was still wonderfully but it was suddenly more touristy, people knew where it was when I said where I was going and the beautiful craftwork stalls had been replaced by...well...tat as my Granny would say. 

This is not to say I loved it any less but the love had altered.  Queue the hotel thinking we've done a runner without paying as we don't come back for a night after saying that we'd be back that evening to pay our bill, eating Pom Bears and drinking a gallon of Coke very hungover, getting annoyed that our favourite bar had closed and failing to find the perfect Caprioska anywhere else.

To my amusement I then read an article on Fused's website that followed a similar story, though with much less romance and illusion.  I laughed out loud, which is odd for travel writing.  Fused reminds me of a less protentious version of Wallpaper magazine and this article summed it up for me.  I like the attitude, the honest, and the funny anicdotes.  Take a look if you want to smile.  Whoever Johnny is I want to meet him.

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