Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Brandy and Monica: The Boy is Mine ...Glee-tastic Memories.

When Glee took it's little break from E4 I decided to break away from it entirely...I really didn't need any more television shows in my life.  Last night however, during some rare time spent in the same room as my 11 year old sister (we fight like cat and dog) I was forced to sit through Glee.

The outcome?  I felt really old... When they burst out with Brandy's 'The Boy Is Mine' my sister had no clue what it was.  Having being born in 1998 I forgot all the 90's classics she'd missed.And yes, I did tell her it was a classic and she had to love it.  This one in particular was actually released around the time she was born!  She looked at me as if I was weird, and old.  For all of you that may have forgotten this song like I had (or all you youngsters who are reading this with the same look my sister had) here it is...

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