Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dating Diaries

For the past four years my love life has pretty much only included one person, with others thrown in to our mix not really lasting very well.  That's why it's unlikely you'll hear of any wonderful/horrendous first dates.  In fact, my latest date was with that very same boy...we went to Ironbridge, saw the bridge, discussed the newleyweds having their pictures taken, had some food and went home.  Not exactly blogworthy.

It is probably for this reason that I find dating blogs so amusing.  They are popping up everywhere.  If not dating, at least love/relationship based.  From Kissed Lots of Frogs and Notes from the Dating Trenches to The Loves and Life of a London Girl and Tales from the Tower women are blogging about their exposing their love highs and woes left right and centre.  I'm not sure I could expose myself so publically...I have tried to be all honest and diary-like on my blog before but it just feels a bit odd dealing with certain subjects.

I suppose some people gain solice in having others going through similar things there, or in the fact that they don't have similar disasters.  Really though, the most interesting dating blog I have stumbled upon so far is Plenty More Fish Out of Water.  Fishy's dating diary is not only honest and amusing but is even more poigniant because it's written by a man.  Believe me, if you worried that girls were the only ones you're wrong.  Filled with confessions, planning and rejections it is pure dating blog gold. 

Whoever the student is that lives in his building should be concerned...her rather large chest has apparently intruged him so much he's checking her mail for information.

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