Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wakey!Wakey! Summer

I love summer. It just makes me happy, it's as simple as that. Technically it's still spring but in Britain our summers are so limited that I am clutching at this brief interlude of sun and have convinced myself it's summer. I dread looking at the weather forecast to see it's going to go cold again.

For now, I am embracing summer with sandals, pretty 50's style dresses, picnics and lots of smiley, happy songs. One band that doesn't fail to get me in that sunny and relaxed mood is Wakey!Wakey! If you watch One Tree Hill you'll be familiar with them but just in case you aren't here are two of my favourites....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Belated Birthday in Budapest

I love experiencing new places. I'll go anywhere and see anything if someone suggests it. In fact, I have been known to randomly select places in Europe from closing my eyes and pointing at a map. (I still plan to go to Sofia due to this.) Travelling around Europe is getting increasingly expensive and so when the other half saw a very cheap trip to Budapest a few days after his birthday we had to go.

Not only is Budapest cheap but it is also beautiful. Not beautiful in that every building is stunning like in Paris. You don't begin to pay less attention as time goes on, the fact that not everything is perfect makes certain things stand out. For instance, there was a row of three buildings with 2 gorgeous spires each, only one had been damaged and replaced with a hideous black box. A lot of buildings do have the most amazing tiled roofs though.

Fisherman's Bastian, View from the Castle Grounds, Matthias Church and  Castle of Vajdahunyad