Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wakey!Wakey! Summer

I love summer. It just makes me happy, it's as simple as that. Technically it's still spring but in Britain our summers are so limited that I am clutching at this brief interlude of sun and have convinced myself it's summer. I dread looking at the weather forecast to see it's going to go cold again.

For now, I am embracing summer with sandals, pretty 50's style dresses, picnics and lots of smiley, happy songs. One band that doesn't fail to get me in that sunny and relaxed mood is Wakey!Wakey! If you watch One Tree Hill you'll be familiar with them but just in case you aren't here are two of my favourites....


  1. Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X

  2. Loving this sun too! I've never heard of this band before, but just has a listen. Perfect for this lovely weather! xxx