Saturday, 30 June 2012

Back to Belgium

A few years ago, on a road trip around Europe, we went to Bruges. It was a stunning place, truly lovely, but ruined by the fact we were involved in a car accident. One that wasn't our fault I might add. Being surrounded by people speaking Flemish and refusing to acknowledge us whilst we were waiting for the police to arrive was not a good experience.

3 years later, having forgiven Belgium for not treating us well when we last arrived, my boyfriend and I booked to go to Brusells. The plane was delayed by hours, my iPhone was stolen within an hour of finally arriving in Belgium and then my boyfriend over indulged in Belgian beer and one day may as well have been a complete write off.

So, you can see, Belgium doesn't seem to treat me very well. Really, I'm not sure why because I love it. The mixture of Flemish and French, the contrast between the buildings at La Grand-Place and the Atomium!

I didn't know much about Brussels before we went, so when we heard about Manneken Pis we had to go and find him. Not so shockingly, we were surprised for find quite how little he is...

...and even more surprised because the first time we saw him he was dressed as a surfer. Manneken Pis is dressed up as different things on a regular basis. In fact, in one museum we discovered the whole collection. He's been dressed as several from the Pope to Santa Claus and a vampire. Seriously, you should Google him.

Of course, my favourite thing was the food. Belgium is chocked full of amazing food - the beer, the chocolate, the waffles - and the Belgium people are keen to embrace it. As part of what we presume was a protest, one of the main roads off Grand Place was taken over by hundreds of people all having a picnic. What a lovely, peaceful way to protest. Belgium, if I visit again can you promise to make the whole trip as lovely and relaxing as my last day in Brussels?


  1. Shame you've seemed to have bad experiences of belgium, but I love the country, I've only ever been to Bruges but it's lovely!

    1. I may have had bad experiences but lots of good ones too! Brussels is incredibly pretty in parts and my boyfriend thought it was very "logical like Germany" too so we were both happy. Though, I would have liked to have come home with an iPhone. That could have happened anywhere... Glad to hear you enjoyed Bruges. I loved it there too. Did you discover the pub with hundreds of beers in a massive menu?! xx

  2. Great post. I've been to Bruges and it was lovely. Really cold though. I remember going to a Beglian Pizza Hut (cultural) and indulging in lots of chocolate. Fab place, i'd love to go back xx

  3. oh my goodness, these photos are so pretty :)
    not sure how i would feel about going to belgium -- it just doesn't really seem to interest me! ha ha. i'm dying to go to spain, though -- or maybe even morocco (agghh, i know -- it's not in europe. but it's still amazing!)
    love your blog, by the way! :)


  4. I'd love to go there! Sorry it's not been so nice to you though, but it seemed better the second time you went...maybe if you go again it might be even better! And Mannekin Pis is so cute in a strange way, I wonder what the real story behind him is. xxx

  5. lovely photos; my dads partner used to live in Belgium so i used to visit quite frequently when i was younger - i just remember eating the most amazing fries...yeah, typical of me to only remember the food! hah :')xo

  6. Aw that really is some bad luck in Belgium! I'd love to go there one day, off to Dublin for a weekend soon, that'll have to do for now! Love your blog :) xo

  7. Shame about your trip, we went to Bruges in January and it was sooo cold and it was snowing, really pretty place though! xo

  8. Aww, it looks so beautiful! Maybe the third time's a charm? ;)

    The Style Rawr!

  9. I would love to visit Belgium sometime. I would actually love to travel period. I haven't been anywhere!
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  10. Oh no you're not having the best luck with Belgium! It does look like a great place to visit and I wouldn't be able to resist a waffle (.. or 4!)

    Caroline x
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