Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fake Magazine: The Dreams Issue

You may remember that back in March Fake Issue 4 was released, featuring my article Good as New all about upcycling and independents. Well, the lovely Kerry and Sophie got in touch and asked me to write about dreams for their fifth issue.

I won't lie, I struggled with this. I was going to just write about my own dreams but I find my story so boring I decided to interview as many people as possible. What intrigued me when I did was that all these designers, makers and writers I interviewed lived at home... as do I. How, I thought to myself, is it that all these people that I think are doing amazingly cope with living with their parents? That is one of the things I have always felt makes my own story so boring.

The article deals with the theory of shifting focus and reevaluating what you really want out of life and which dreams are more important. Would you want to live in London, on peanuts, miles from your family and friends with no cash to get home? Or would you stay nearer to the nest where you can experience more, earn more, save lots and work your way to achieving your dreams. Sometimes going leaving when you're ready isn't such a bad thing...

The article features the wonderfully talented John Williamson of No Fit State (formerly Cuppa Tea) who also illustrated the article, Niki Lau of Hero & Cape and Victoria Jackson who is both editor of MWB and blogger extraordinaire over at I Heart Fashion.

The magazine is absolutely gorgeous in it's new A4 size so you should definitely see what else is in this issue and then go and order a copy. It actually came out a few weeks ago but I haven't had time to blog about it until now so make sure you order soon!

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  1. hey. thanks so much for sharing this. i clicked on all your links. i love finding new websites and companies xx