Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Life Plan

I am cynical and having some kind of quarter-life breakdown and therefore I don't have a plan.  In fact, I dont see me having children or a job.  Especially children, as today I spent a day with my mother, who is a childminder, and listened to a baby scream at an ear piercing level every time my mom was out of sight...even if the baby had caused that by bum shuffling across the floor.

What I see is a magical glass house that changes colour and texture with the flick of a button and a really hot husband.  In be honest I don't see one husband, I see different ones at different times, I just presume we'll be married because at some point I would like a wedding.

Why would I like a wedding? I want the excuse for a massive party, I want gifts and I want a pretty dress.  Primarily I want a pretty dress.  A pretty expensive dress.  Vera Wang, I have you pencilled in for this magical day that happens in a time not yet determined.  In fact, it may be so magical it's timeless and you can nip in and out of it at will.

Vera Wang Dovima and Wedding Dresses
Images as shown on Vera Wang
So, yeah..I live in fantasy.

A gorgeous friend of mine has 'The Life Plan' and revealed it to me and my little group over drinks on Monday and I almost spat my drink all over her.  She wants kids within four years, which means she needs to be married in two, which means she has to be engaged NOW to allow planning time.  This isn't a rare thing, in fact women have been known to plan wedding dates without even a boyfriend in sight as you can read here.  My problem with this?  She's 22.

Her: "I told him that we'll be having kids soon so he needs to get onto proposing but he's just sat on his arse not doing anything about his life."
Me: "Hold on a sec, you told him you're having kids soon?  If I told my boyfriend that he would say he's nipping out to pick up some milk and then boom.  I'd never see him again."

I mean this wholeheartedly.  In fact, please note technically we don't even have a label.  Let alone a life plan.  I can tell you this though, our Grand Designs style house would be epic.  And there would be no babies in it.  Babies and glass don't mix.  Think of the paw prints he'd have to wipe up... I would not be doing it.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Calum Harvey: Not Just A Label

Calum Harvery is a good bloke.  Not only does he regale me with amusing stories, delays getting back to his studies to ensure that I get back to the Midlands when the Tube decides to be rubbish but he also gets drunk with me at inappropriate moments.  These moments are very sporadic, we don't see each other anywhere near as much as I'd like, but if someone will sit outside a bar wearing an oversized jumper, rescued in a recycling mission, that has a black bin bag fused to the front all in the name of experimentation then you know they're special.

And he is.  So special Not Just a Label have featured him on their front page.  He moves randomly around the page but he's there.  Check it out because his clothes are pretty good too.  He's another Graduate Fashion Week 2009 winner, nabbing himself the Textiles Award.  Awwww.  Shame people have now taken our crowns.  Read the amusing tale from our Graduate Fashion Week Winners Reception for more tales of Calum.

And Calum if you read this yes I am rubbish at keeping in touch even when I start the communication.  I am messaging you back in just a moment.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

First Day at Fused

I had my first day at Fused yesterday...and it went alright I think.  Thank God.  I compiled for articles for Area, their local West Mids guide, which goes to print Friday, and wrote about a fundraising music photography auction for the website: Teenage Cancer Trust Six Shooters Auction.

I'm not going to say it's my best work, I've wrote more unique things, but it is very nice to see my name published with an actual article somewhere that is not here...and it's in the most popular articles section currently too after only going online last night.  Yay!  Check it out.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Not quite Twi-hard

Something terrible happened.  After moaning about the fact the Twilight films seemed to be lacking something my wonderful aunt forced the books into my hands: "You'll like them, I promise."  I didn't believe her and so they have sat in a bag in the room for months.  Literally.  Until now.

This week has been relaxation week.  After breaking up from work for the summer I've taken a week to unwind before starting my work placement at Fused Magazine.  Apparently I can't just do nothing and so my fingers itched their way to that bag and I began to read.  And there I found it...what's missing from the Twilight films: Bella's personality.

In the books she is quirky, cool, pretty, funny, clumsy, sarcastic and generally has bags of personality.  The Bella Swan that people know  and love (though I don't know why) from the films has none of this.  Ok, so Kristen Stewart is pretty, but as Bella she lacks that personality.  In fact, I don't think she cracks a smile at any point in the film.  I re-watched it last night fearing I was being harsh but still saw no smile.  Every other character though is spot on.  Well...except for the fact that the supposedly extremely beautiful Dr Cullen and Co. are not all that beautiful.  They're just creepy.  And at no point does their skin (Edward included) ever look like diamonds.

I have now become obsessed with finishing the books.  Stephanie Meyer's writing is fabulous.  I have devoured both Twilight and New Moon in record time, have started on Eclipse and brought Breaking Dawn today.  It cost me £15 as it is only currently available in hardback...and now I've just seen it half price online (follow my link).  I must be stupid.  How did this happen?!  When reading the books you can create your own imaginary world.  Everyone in my world is the same as in the films but Bella...but maybe it's pure jealousy the Kristen Stewart gets all close and personal with not only Robert Pattinson but Taylor Lautner too.  Lucky girl.

No matter my opinion, it looks like Twilight is here to stay.  Sorry to all those boys that just wish their girlfriends/wives/daughters would shut up about it!  Read the books, avoid the films.  Well, try at least, I have a feeling you'll struggle now Eclipse has been released at cinemas.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Best Hunter Wellies

They're the item for festival season...and have been for several years.  A little glimpse of that rectangular label on the front of a pair of wellies and there's no denying which brand they are: Hunter.  In fact, they've only become more of a statement as celebrities snatched them up (everyone from Kate Moss to Sarah Brown has been snapped in a pair) and Jimmy Choo jumped on the band wagon and collaborated with Hunter to create those black snakeskin wellies.  (And just so you're in the know, they now come in other colours too.  Including ultra high shine silver.)

Sarah Brown and Naomi Campbell at Glastonbury.
Brown wears charity Water Aid Hunter's (£49.99) and Campbell, true to form, wears Jimmy Choo's (£255).
Image from The Daily Mail.

For me, there is only one style of Hunter wellies.  They're the classic tall style, perfect for knee deep mud, they're a great colour (a twist on the traditional black) and would look amazing worn with short shorts and a rain mac.  What's more, and this is important, they're affordable.  We aren't all celebrities, we can't all afford £250+ for a Jimmy Choo pair, but these are only £47.99 and they're an absolute style classic.  Bravo Cloggs.

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Big Job Hunt

I have officially finished work for the summer.  Well...I have finished full time work for the summer, I start a work placement at Fused Magazine a week tomorrow and I am massively excited.  I will be writing articles, researching, helping out with their marketing/PR activity and organising their 10th birthday bash.  Awesome!  Sounds a bit full time though doesn't it?  I'm going to become superwoman to get it all done with only two days in the office a week!

Despite this excitement it is time to look for a "proper job" again.  Due to my father's encouragement I have a meeting on Wednesday about "going on the dole".  It will be terrible.  I hate the Job Centre.  However, hopefully they will help my summer cash flow whilst I'm off work and will of course push me to sort a job.

Now, what do I want to no particular order...
1. Be a fantastical magazine editor.
2. Do the marketing for Burberry (they are so on it right now!)
3. Be a fashion buyer extraordinare.
4. Write a novel.
5. Take the world by storm.

Now...any chance of all these things being incorporated into one job?  Anyone reading this who will give me a job?  No, thought not.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

So I'm a Geek...

I like to pretend it isn't true on occassion but I am, most definitely, a geek.  I love gadgets, I love what technology can do and I always get excited when I see something that utilises these aspects in a fashionable, design focused manner.  Hence, yesterday I succumbed and brought the iPhone 4.  Don't judge me.  (And yes, I love it.  And no, it hasn't broken - signal is fine and I have no weird yellow dots...yet!)

Despite this now gadget purchase this weekend I am most excited about an article I read on Style Bubble  "Furthering with Furber".  Whilst I usually try to publish new material rather than material I've read elsewhere I feel this is necessary...  Aesthetically amazing, technically developed and as eco-friendly as a shoe can be...

Icica from Helen Furber on Vimeo.

Helen Furber's Icica project has a quality that is very rare to see within graduate work...and as a recent graduate I have seen my fair share...and I can't wait to see what she does next!  She's not the only one showing potential from her class (check out the magazine Furber put together showcasing work from students on her course at her blog) but she's definitely the most forward thinking.  I envision recycling and swapping, mixing and matching heels with uppers for a truely bespoke way of design.

 Images and video taken from Helen Furber's Vimeo and LCF pages.

Friday, 2 July 2010


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Jennifer Behr and pondered on how Topshop could think it was ok to sell me an elastic homemade-looking headband for £14 and decided I could make one just as good.  Whilst some people (Caleb!) thought this was a stupid idea (If you get a home-made headband and wear it out and about, I want to see it!) and doubted how professional I am it's nice to see that handmade items have been given a new lease of life by the internet.

From Etsy to Folksy creatives are putting pen to paper and needle to thread to create some unique pieces just for us...and they're fabulous!  You can get everything from vintage style cupcake toppers to stunning leather creations to adorn the newest gadgets.  Yes, you can even adorn your new iPhone 4/iPad in some wonderful designs and all handmade.  I need some of these in my life soon....

 Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Toppers (£10 for 12) and Journal (£17) by Craftypagan Designs.

  Bird Cuff (£19), Lace Cuff (19), Walkman iPod/iPhone Cover (£20), Flower/Print iPod/iPhone Cover (£26), Cherry Blossom iPad Case ($90), Wood Print iPad Case ($90) available from Beautiful Skin at Folksy or Etsy.

  Neve Hex Bib Necklace ($98.50) and Marianne Trien Bib Necklace ($69.00 - sale item) by Giia