Friday, 2 July 2010


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Jennifer Behr and pondered on how Topshop could think it was ok to sell me an elastic homemade-looking headband for £14 and decided I could make one just as good.  Whilst some people (Caleb!) thought this was a stupid idea (If you get a home-made headband and wear it out and about, I want to see it!) and doubted how professional I am it's nice to see that handmade items have been given a new lease of life by the internet.

From Etsy to Folksy creatives are putting pen to paper and needle to thread to create some unique pieces just for us...and they're fabulous!  You can get everything from vintage style cupcake toppers to stunning leather creations to adorn the newest gadgets.  Yes, you can even adorn your new iPhone 4/iPad in some wonderful designs and all handmade.  I need some of these in my life soon....

 Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Toppers (£10 for 12) and Journal (£17) by Craftypagan Designs.

  Bird Cuff (£19), Lace Cuff (19), Walkman iPod/iPhone Cover (£20), Flower/Print iPod/iPhone Cover (£26), Cherry Blossom iPad Case ($90), Wood Print iPad Case ($90) available from Beautiful Skin at Folksy or Etsy.

  Neve Hex Bib Necklace ($98.50) and Marianne Trien Bib Necklace ($69.00 - sale item) by Giia 

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    Thank you for your cooperation.