Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Fun Theory

Volkswagon have created a concept called The Fun Theory "dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better."

They even ran a competition for people to suggest ways that normal, every day things and the issues related to them could be made more fun, i.e. speeding = speed camera lottery, fitness = piano stairs, litter = world's deepest bin and recycling = arcade bottle bank.

The winner of The Fun Theory Award 2009/10 was Kevin Richardson from the US with the speed camera lottery.  "Can we get more people to obey the speed limit by making it fun to do?   The idea here is capture on camera the people who keep to the speed limit.  They would have their photos taken and registration numbers recorded and entered into a lottery.  Winners would receive cash prizes and be notified by post. Better still, the winning pot would come from the people who were caught speeding."

However, my favourite was the bottle bank arcade, which made a game out of recycling bottles.  What I find great about this is not only did it make people intrigued, it would also keep them coming back and interacting.  It also makes them smile...it makes me smile just watching it and who doesn't want to be happy?

It's not just about making things fun it's making people want to interact with and consider their world more.  If design can make things more fun and therefore make the world and people happier then why isn't everything thought of like this?

Monday, 29 November 2010

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

It's coming up to Christmas and anyone who's been to uni knows what that means... A mass of deadlines, mad rush to get everything done and, of course, a mountain of Christmas shopping.  Needless to say I have been quiet on the blog front.  However, whilst I regain my thoughts here is a song that's keeping me going at the moment.  It's a beaut.  Adele is wonderful.  Enjoy.

Adele - Rolling In The Deep - In Studio from DUKOFF on Vimeo.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Ralph Lauren 4D

This week Ralph Lauren created some fabulous 4D shows staged at their flagship stores in Madison Avenue, New York, and Bond Street, London. "In celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, RalphLauren.com presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses.  Utilising to technology Ralph Lauren make the buildings disappear before transforming them "into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space."

Ralph Lauren 4D New York

Ralph Lauren 4D London

For me it's great to see the behind the scenes video (below), where those working on the project discuss the innovation behind Ralph Lauren and this live experience they're providing for people to enjoy.  As said on that video it "becomes a piece of advertising within an arts installation."  It's fantastic to watch and blows what other brands have done out of the water.  I really wish I was there.  Not only have Ralph Lauren put on a fabulous show but just about everyone is talking about it.  A genius digital event and viral marketing at its best.


The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience: Behind the Scenes

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I am not very healthy. Right now I have fish fingers in the oven for the sole purpose of becoming a sandwich with ketchup. I was swayed by Graze solely because of their nibble box, which allows you to have yummy flapjack and chocolate buttons as well as fruit, nuts and seeds. I was sold when I was given a code by a fellow blogger to receive the first box free...and so today my first box dropped through the doorstep.

A complete surprise every time you choose your likes, dislikes, loves and things you'd like to try and Graze choose 4 items for you that match these as well as working well together nutritionally. It's all about balance after all. It all looks yummy and I can't wait to try it.

If nothing else as a promotion student I have to give them top marks for not only getting me to order one but to also get excited about healthier snacks. Everything is conveniently packaged in recyclable packaging which has been mostly made from recycled plastic and cardboard.  The branding is consistent and the little personalised welcome card and top tips leaflets are a sweet addition to your first box.

I have surprised even myself by wanting to try the Black Forest selection first, which contains raisins, strawberries and walnuts and is the only punnet I have received that has one of my 5 a day. I probably should have liked more of the healthy options but oh well.  Clearly chilli slipped through my radar when I was choosing my dislikes because the Great Fire Dragon punnet, roasted maize, jumbo chilli maize and satay broad beans, will be given away sadly.

All good fun and a great brand concept. You can use the code H1L3JBX3 to get your free box. You can cancel straight after the free one if you want :o) and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised just like me, then you too can "feed your friends" and spread the word.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Snuggle Up

I don't know about where you are but is officially freezing in England.  Both in the West Midlands (where my home town is) and the North West (where I am at uni). Halloween has gone, Bonfire night has gone and now the long stretch is ahead of us.  There's even talk of snow.

I cannot stand the cold.  I especially can't stand the cold when I'm in bed.  I'm not one to lounge around in lace and satin.  I'm more a cotton t-shirt kind of girl, usually with some retro cartoon or generally silly print splashed across the front.  I like to mix and match as well, switching shorts for trousers etc dependent on how effective the central heating is being.  Here is my favourite pyjamas this winter.

 Talk Nerdy Set (New Look £12), Honey Monster Oversized Tee (Topshop £18), Reindeer Socks (Topshop £5), Fairisle Slippers (Accessorize £20), Afraid of the Dark Set (David and Goliath $52)

Mystery Jets Digbeth

I had a horrendous day on Friday. I travelled home in the rubbish weather only to have arguments, annoyingly slow waitresses and a broken umbrella to make me mad before I even got to my location: the Mystery Jets gig in Digbeth, Birmingham.

I expected to arrive at the HMV Institute, which opened in September, with enough time to embrace the support acts and get a little tipsy. That didn't happen sadly and I struggled to get into the mood...until they started playing.  They were amazing. The HMV Institute was a great, intimate venue and everyone was dancing and singing along (which was rather annoying when they were louder than the actual band).

I was amazed to find though that all my favourite Mystery Jets songs weren't actually sung by frontman Blaine Harrison, they were sung by William Rees and he made the night for me with Show Me the Light and my personal favourite After Dark.  Strange considering technically it's actually a song by The Count and Sinden featuring the Mystery Jets. Either way it's amazing and anyone that can get me wanting to go out and dance until the sun comes up when I've been in a foul mood all day is a hero to me.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Kate McGill: YouTube katem3

Kate McGill is a perfect example of how open source channels can spread you and your message far and wide.  She's on YouTube, MySpace and a variety of other social networks.  She started off by sitting in her bathtub filming herself performing covers of songs.  By doing this she comes up in your search for that well known artist.  For instance, my friend searched for Mumford & Sons on YouTube and up came Kate.  What did he do then?  He told me I had to listen because "not only is she beautiful but she is talent too" and he was right.

She has such a beautiful voice.  There is this quality on her YouTube videos that manage to make every song sad and heartbreaking.  Her management are currently running a poll and for every city that 100+ people say they'd like to see her she will tour there in January/February...and guess what?  She has over 100 people for every location already. That's the power of the Internet.

< Insert video here >

...She won't let me embed them.  How awful.