Monday, 8 November 2010

Mystery Jets Digbeth

I had a horrendous day on Friday. I travelled home in the rubbish weather only to have arguments, annoyingly slow waitresses and a broken umbrella to make me mad before I even got to my location: the Mystery Jets gig in Digbeth, Birmingham.

I expected to arrive at the HMV Institute, which opened in September, with enough time to embrace the support acts and get a little tipsy. That didn't happen sadly and I struggled to get into the mood...until they started playing.  They were amazing. The HMV Institute was a great, intimate venue and everyone was dancing and singing along (which was rather annoying when they were louder than the actual band).

I was amazed to find though that all my favourite Mystery Jets songs weren't actually sung by frontman Blaine Harrison, they were sung by William Rees and he made the night for me with Show Me the Light and my personal favourite After Dark.  Strange considering technically it's actually a song by The Count and Sinden featuring the Mystery Jets. Either way it's amazing and anyone that can get me wanting to go out and dance until the sun comes up when I've been in a foul mood all day is a hero to me.

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  1. I saw them on the 11th at the round house in camden, they were amazing