Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Kate McGill: YouTube katem3

Kate McGill is a perfect example of how open source channels can spread you and your message far and wide.  She's on YouTube, MySpace and a variety of other social networks.  She started off by sitting in her bathtub filming herself performing covers of songs.  By doing this she comes up in your search for that well known artist.  For instance, my friend searched for Mumford & Sons on YouTube and up came Kate.  What did he do then?  He told me I had to listen because "not only is she beautiful but she is talent too" and he was right.

She has such a beautiful voice.  There is this quality on her YouTube videos that manage to make every song sad and heartbreaking.  Her management are currently running a poll and for every city that 100+ people say they'd like to see her she will tour there in January/February...and guess what?  She has over 100 people for every location already. That's the power of the Internet.

< Insert video here >

...She won't let me embed them.  How awful.

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