Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners is back.  Well it will be soon, the advert is on E4 and everything :o)

For you American's reading this The Inbetweeners is an epic comedy focusing on students in Sixth Form (for students aged 16-18, either at a school or a college) that spectacularly encapsulated what it it is like.  Not only is it realistic but it is also very funny.  I'm not sure you'll get it...I only attended a school in America for like three weeks and it was not like this...but please try and find it on the internet.  That is if you enjoy English humour, The Office anyone?  It has a massive cult following over.

I find The Inbetweeners hilarious.  School is nothing like The OC/One Tree Hill/Laguna Beach or any of that American stuff.  It's painful, full of bullying, all about sex and when you hit Sixth Form an awful lot of fun.  Just like The Inbetweeners.  I really hope their last year is like mine...full of 18th parties with bad music, lots of dancing and lots of gossiping about the parties the week after.  Let's be honest though, they probably wouldn't get invited.

One of my friends likes to think he's like Jay, the one who pretends to have lots of girls, but I personally think he's more like Simon, the one that pines after Carly.   Don't know but there's something there that just reminds me of him.  He'll hate this.  I probably shouldn't post it on the internet...

That's about all really, I'm just excited.  Anyone else a fan?  It starts in September if you are! :o)  Here's a snippet to get you as excited as me...

Trend Repeat

Everyone is blabbering on about Autumn/Winter 2010/11 fashion.  What's more, during this blabbering they are completely disregarding summer (I know it's optimistic but it's August so I'm hoping for more sun) and wishing it away so they can wear long boots, wool coats, shearling etc.  Yes, it looks good, but you know what?  It's been done.

Victoriana, womanly cuts, A-line, fur...  I love fashion but I sure wish people wouldn't go on and on about things being all exciting and wonderful when in fact they are rather similar to last year.  Sorry, I sound bitter, I'm not.  In fact, I love fashion, but is anyone else getting deja vu?

Beauty's going all copycat on us too.  Time to drag out that red lipstick again!  Vogue's rundown of how to wear the look worries me.  " Draw on a deep Cupid's bow.  Take the colour slightly beyond your natural lip line."  Beyond your natural and drawn on reminds me of a clown or a five year old playing dress up.  I'm very blonde, very pale and have teeny rosebud lips... Anyone that knows something about beauty care to offer me some advice on how this is supposed to work?

Dolce and Gabanna Image from Vogue

Friday, 20 August 2010

Guardian Soulmates and Short Men

I have read many of Caleb's tales of dating sites and laughed out loud.  However, this week humorous online dating escapades came up in the office.  At Fused Magazine one of the lovely girls that works there decided to log onto Guardian Soulmates and regale us with the stories of freaks that have contacted her.

She apparently chose Guardian Soulmates because the people on there aren't as stupid and they're often quite creative...perfect for her then.  She put in her requests, the main one being they have to be over 6ft tall, and has since had a multitude of very random responses.  One being a telling off because she only wanted someone over 6ft tall when she herself is only 5ft 4.  The man doing the telling off was 5ft 8 or something so didn't see why she needed someone taller than that.  I fear though that his height may have been an issue for him otherwise he wouldn't have been so touchy about it.  I predict he was really about 5ft 6, max, and fed of being ruled out by women.

Women like someone taller than them.  What's more, they want someone that is taller than them in 6 inch platform heels.  They may never wear 6 inch platform heels but they want the option.  That's not too much to expect.  I'm lucky, boy is definitely over 6ft.  He was 6ft when I met him but, spectacularly, I think he's still growing.  It's just one of those things for women.  Yes we have been known to fall in love with short men but it is rarely the preference.

Really though, the point is that you should not shout at someone you don't know on a dating site because they want someone taller than you.  This isn't right.  What also isn't right is signing up when you're married to find someone to swing with.  No, no, no.  Oh, and you probably shouldn't tell someone: "I would like to meet with you for coffee and chat.  We can have intellegent chat and smiles whilst we gaze into each others eyes."  Pass the sick bucket...

I wonder how people use Guardian Soulmates (other dating sites are available) in a realistic setting.  There seem to be a lot of idiots on them, even on the posh ones meant for smart and creative people.  So how does it work realistically?  Do you plow through hundreds of weirdos and then finally just settle for someone half normal?  Or should I just be signing up now just to have a good laugh when I'm feeling down and ignoring them when I'm a lonely old cat lady? After all, at Fused we came up with many tales of swingers, short men, perverts, S&M hotels and many many more things...all prompted by Guardian Soulmates.  So, thanks Guardian for providing some laughs.

Forever 21 comes to the UK

Obviously I read other peoples blogs...and lots of them feature Forever 21.  The outfits they posted looked good and were priced cheaply, so I was jealous we didn't have them here in the UK.  I could have ordered online but it's just not the same so Forever 21 was shunned on my bookmarks until such a time that England was deemed worthy.  We took Topshop to America after all, it's only fair to share!

Now that time has come, hurrah!  Forever 21 have taken over a shop in Birmingham's Bull Ring, directly opposite H&M.  It was announced months ago but now the signs are up and everything.  My first thought was that it will be probably be like H&M...very good in the press, very shit in real life.  I mean, nothing H&M has featured in magazines is ever available in the stores.  Plus, they inevitably end up looking like a jumble sale.  Needless to say my brief excitement was replaced by nervous curiosity.  Any American readers want to tell me what we can expect from Forever 21 here in Birmingham?

 Images of Forever 21 Interiors from Blood Sweat and Fashion

Friday, 13 August 2010

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

It's 3 in the morning and that's all I can hear. Pretty sure it's the boys phone or something.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I realise it's my laptop. It didn't shut down properly and now the battery has died because it is crap.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Boy: "Something's beeping."
Me: "Yes. I think it's my laptop."
Boy looks at me.

Beep. Beep. Beep.


I get up. Attempt to turn it off. It's not having it. I take the battery out. Piece of shit battery doesn't last 5 minutes (literally) when the laptop is on but on standby it lasts 10 HOURS!! What kind of evil genius created Toshiba laptops and allowed this to happen to me at 3am? No wonder I'm tired.  Bloody good job I only just found out where the hammer and other tools are kept.

Cake Britain

So...there's an amazing exhibition coming up in Covent Garden.  Art and cake...2 of my favourite things.  I've wrote an article about it for Fused so no point really re-writing about it here.  Think Heston Blumenthal's fairytale feast and the Skoda advert but you can eat the end result.  Amazing.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


No need to tell me I'm not old, after all I'm only 22, but I'm beginning to feel old.  Not because of the reasons I listed in 22, 22 years ago, though these reasons are all still valid, but because things that have happened recently seem like lightyears ago.

Tomorrow Caleb, my little brother, is coming round to collect his birthday present before he goes on holiday.  He'll turn four in a few weeks whilst he's at the seaside.  Four years ago I was betting with the boy's mother and her friends, whilst at the seaside, how many hours my mother would be in labour and how heavy he would be.  That feels like another lifetime.  Understandable as it was four years ago and I was a different person then.  I was wondering if I would stay with the boy through university (we broke up days later), how well I'd do (I'd get a first) and would I make friends (yes...and I lost some of them rather quickly after leaving too).

What I don't understand is that as I listened to Stereophonics on the way to work this morning their gig in Cardiff, which was a mere few months ago, also seems like years ago.  Personally I think I'm going crazy.  I'm hearing things, I'm seeing things and these things aren't there.  It's quite possible I am becoming an old person...in mind terms.  This is bad.  How do you stop premature nostalgia?

Here's the opener from the gig: Trouble.  Please let me marry a man like Kelly Jones.  Only taller please.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Couple Dressing

I don't know if this is a common thing but the other day at the pub I couldn't help but declare I was worried because whenever I see the boy we're dressed the same.  Whether it's colours/material/pattern it has happened every time I've seen him for the last few weeks...we don't plan it.  In fact we mostly get dressed at different times/in different places completely unaware until we're both dressed.

I remarked on this unusual occurance the first few times and he laughed and brushed it off....until I went to stay with him in Leeds and his flatmate went "awww how sweet, you match."  We looked at each other and that was it then, I could see it had settled in with him and he wasn't too happy about it.  That evening when we both walked into the living room in red shoes, and red shoes aren't common, he went "we've done it again."  We went out for food, returned to his flat to meet friends before going out and he actually got changed.  It amused me that he was concerned about couple imitation.

Turns out this isn't an odd thing.  When I brought it up amongst friends apparently it's happened to them too and it's always uncomfortable.  Has this happened to you?  Is this a universal thing?  You see, I found it quite comforting, I liked the idea that we had some form of psychic connection/inherent ability to coordinate with each other in the most basic of ways...maybe that makes me strange.  Should I be forcing the boy into his room to change rather than just laughing about it?

Celebrities are mocked/praised because of it, fashion magazines ask whether this 'Couple Dressing' is trendy and photographers point out the irony of two people 'fitting' style wise... I found an entire collection in Reclarkgable's Behance portfolio called Couples.  The images were so apt and so good, what with each photograph using the same models and the same poses just with some fabulous styling.  Here are a selection that make my point perfectly.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Clear Out

I had a MASSIVE clearout today.  (Well actually it's still in progress as my floor looks like a bomb full of handbags has gone off!)  In the process I discovered an old phone and fully intended to bin it as I don't even have the charger and the battery was dead.  Instead my dad decided to wiggle some wires in it and hey presto, it's on.  Then I spent two hours saving any data I could find....

...I found A LOT of photographs from about 5 years ago.  And so they all went on Facebook.  Much to the amusement/disgust of my friends.  All were from the days we were in sixth form and brought back floods of memories.  It's surprising what a little photograph can remind you of.  A lot were of my baby sister, now nearly six, looking absolutely adorable.  I got all nostalgic...not broody thank the lord.

I also discovered lots of diary videos my friend and I had put together discussing our latest woes/excitements/plans in love and friendship.  HILARIOUS.  I really hope nobody ever sees them but I have foolishly kept them for her to peruse as I'm sure it will put many things in perspective.  Like the fact we had it so easy back then.

So....the moral of this story:
  • Have a clear out.
  • Save what you can.
  • Take the time to relive those old memories.
  • Dispose of anything you are shockingly embarrased about.
That's all folks!  Let me know if you find anything interesting!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Catch up on your reading...

I'm dotted throughtout this months Area Guide and on their website too.  Sometimes my initials are at the end sometimes not...don't ask me why.  The important thing is that whether or not LB is tagged on the end people will be reading things that I have written.  It makes me all smiley and excited...and certain that I made the right choice doing an internship with Fused Magazine.  Working for a smaller company certainly pays off.  I've been writing actual articles rather than just cleaning the supply closet.

My articles are:
Inbindable Volume (page 4) - the first article in the mag :o)
Behind the Mask (page 12)
Six Summer Saturdays (page 14)
Shambala Festival (page 22)
Graduate Birmingham: Lorna Hirst (page 33)
Give it Some...Sourz (page 39)

I also compiled the big long list of What's on for Septmeber at the end. See...I've been working hard :o)  I do not expect you to read them all. I'm just showing off as it's so exciting to see my work as it will look in print, in something that people will actually read...with LB at the end makes it even better!

I also wrote Claire's Twi-Hard Beauty Looks on Fused Magazine too...as well as having some of the Area articles published on there.  What am I doing now? Compiling the fashion pages for Fused's magazine September issue.  Birmingham is going to have some very stylish students.  Oh...and organising work with Style Birmingham to help at their Style Birmingham Live event hosted by George Lamb.  Busy busy...should probably stop blogging.