Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners is back.  Well it will be soon, the advert is on E4 and everything :o)

For you American's reading this The Inbetweeners is an epic comedy focusing on students in Sixth Form (for students aged 16-18, either at a school or a college) that spectacularly encapsulated what it it is like.  Not only is it realistic but it is also very funny.  I'm not sure you'll get it...I only attended a school in America for like three weeks and it was not like this...but please try and find it on the internet.  That is if you enjoy English humour, The Office anyone?  It has a massive cult following over.

I find The Inbetweeners hilarious.  School is nothing like The OC/One Tree Hill/Laguna Beach or any of that American stuff.  It's painful, full of bullying, all about sex and when you hit Sixth Form an awful lot of fun.  Just like The Inbetweeners.  I really hope their last year is like mine...full of 18th parties with bad music, lots of dancing and lots of gossiping about the parties the week after.  Let's be honest though, they probably wouldn't get invited.

One of my friends likes to think he's like Jay, the one who pretends to have lots of girls, but I personally think he's more like Simon, the one that pines after Carly.   Don't know but there's something there that just reminds me of him.  He'll hate this.  I probably shouldn't post it on the internet...

That's about all really, I'm just excited.  Anyone else a fan?  It starts in September if you are! :o)  Here's a snippet to get you as excited as me...


  1. I'll watch it tonight!

    And almost NO schools are like the crap they show on TV over here. There should be a country for California, then the rest of America.

    Maybe Texas gets its own country too. That'd be cool.

    And most of the midwest. We'll call it "Lamistan" and have a monarchy where noone wants to be king.

    And New York can be a country. Then the US (what remains) will invade it and oust every women's clothing store.

    Sorry- I got a bit out there with this one.


  2. Lol. So what did you think? xx