Sunday, 8 August 2010

Clear Out

I had a MASSIVE clearout today.  (Well actually it's still in progress as my floor looks like a bomb full of handbags has gone off!)  In the process I discovered an old phone and fully intended to bin it as I don't even have the charger and the battery was dead.  Instead my dad decided to wiggle some wires in it and hey presto, it's on.  Then I spent two hours saving any data I could find....

...I found A LOT of photographs from about 5 years ago.  And so they all went on Facebook.  Much to the amusement/disgust of my friends.  All were from the days we were in sixth form and brought back floods of memories.  It's surprising what a little photograph can remind you of.  A lot were of my baby sister, now nearly six, looking absolutely adorable.  I got all nostalgic...not broody thank the lord.

I also discovered lots of diary videos my friend and I had put together discussing our latest woes/excitements/plans in love and friendship.  HILARIOUS.  I really hope nobody ever sees them but I have foolishly kept them for her to peruse as I'm sure it will put many things in perspective.  Like the fact we had it so easy back then.

So....the moral of this story:
  • Have a clear out.
  • Save what you can.
  • Take the time to relive those old memories.
  • Dispose of anything you are shockingly embarrased about.
That's all folks!  Let me know if you find anything interesting!


  1. I found some, uh, sordid videos that I had made once. I wanted to keep them for my own future curiosity but had to get rid of them.

    What's sixth form?

    And starcraft 2 is a new video game (read: life changing awesomeness entertainment software). Yes, you have it over there in Britonia.

  2. In the UK you can leave school at 16. Then optionally you go to a college or go to sixth form in a school where you're treated differently...or are supposed to be.

    Good. Don't want to be kept out the loop for Britishness. Now it's just 'cause it's a boy thing. I'm ok with that.

    By the way...I like that you made the sordid videos. Always best to get rid. Let's be honest, it's not gonna be as good as you expected when you hit play.