Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trend Repeat

Everyone is blabbering on about Autumn/Winter 2010/11 fashion.  What's more, during this blabbering they are completely disregarding summer (I know it's optimistic but it's August so I'm hoping for more sun) and wishing it away so they can wear long boots, wool coats, shearling etc.  Yes, it looks good, but you know what?  It's been done.

Victoriana, womanly cuts, A-line, fur...  I love fashion but I sure wish people wouldn't go on and on about things being all exciting and wonderful when in fact they are rather similar to last year.  Sorry, I sound bitter, I'm not.  In fact, I love fashion, but is anyone else getting deja vu?

Beauty's going all copycat on us too.  Time to drag out that red lipstick again!  Vogue's rundown of how to wear the look worries me.  " Draw on a deep Cupid's bow.  Take the colour slightly beyond your natural lip line."  Beyond your natural and drawn on reminds me of a clown or a five year old playing dress up.  I'm very blonde, very pale and have teeny rosebud lips... Anyone that knows something about beauty care to offer me some advice on how this is supposed to work?

Dolce and Gabanna Image from Vogue

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