Friday, 20 August 2010

Forever 21 comes to the UK

Obviously I read other peoples blogs...and lots of them feature Forever 21.  The outfits they posted looked good and were priced cheaply, so I was jealous we didn't have them here in the UK.  I could have ordered online but it's just not the same so Forever 21 was shunned on my bookmarks until such a time that England was deemed worthy.  We took Topshop to America after all, it's only fair to share!

Now that time has come, hurrah!  Forever 21 have taken over a shop in Birmingham's Bull Ring, directly opposite H&M.  It was announced months ago but now the signs are up and everything.  My first thought was that it will be probably be like H&M...very good in the press, very shit in real life.  I mean, nothing H&M has featured in magazines is ever available in the stores.  Plus, they inevitably end up looking like a jumble sale.  Needless to say my brief excitement was replaced by nervous curiosity.  Any American readers want to tell me what we can expect from Forever 21 here in Birmingham?

 Images of Forever 21 Interiors from Blood Sweat and Fashion


  1. You are going to love it. My favorite store for fast fashion fixes. I can get lost in there for days!

  2. its a great shop!! went to loads when i was over in the states last year and from the west to the east coast i managed to buy everything every time!! so glad i read this!! Im well excited!!! x

  3. o) Glad to see you're all as excited as me. Especially now you've confirmed that it is

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