Tuesday, 10 August 2010


No need to tell me I'm not old, after all I'm only 22, but I'm beginning to feel old.  Not because of the reasons I listed in 22, 22 years ago, though these reasons are all still valid, but because things that have happened recently seem like lightyears ago.

Tomorrow Caleb, my little brother, is coming round to collect his birthday present before he goes on holiday.  He'll turn four in a few weeks whilst he's at the seaside.  Four years ago I was betting with the boy's mother and her friends, whilst at the seaside, how many hours my mother would be in labour and how heavy he would be.  That feels like another lifetime.  Understandable as it was four years ago and I was a different person then.  I was wondering if I would stay with the boy through university (we broke up days later), how well I'd do (I'd get a first) and would I make friends (yes...and I lost some of them rather quickly after leaving too).

What I don't understand is that as I listened to Stereophonics on the way to work this morning their gig in Cardiff, which was a mere few months ago, also seems like years ago.  Personally I think I'm going crazy.  I'm hearing things, I'm seeing things and these things aren't there.  It's quite possible I am becoming an old person...in mind terms.  This is bad.  How do you stop premature nostalgia?

Here's the opener from the gig: Trouble.  Please let me marry a man like Kelly Jones.  Only taller please.


  1. I'm the Original Caleb!! Respect!

    Also, getting older rocks. Every year I think "yes! I'm older!"

    Lots of reasons why.

  2. It does. I actually like it. I'm learning more, more things are happening for me...I just don't know when it started happening or why time is going so fast. I'm missing my opportunity to savour things because just as I realise how good they are it's onto the next thing.

    Exciting...but a little scary.