Sunday, 6 June 2010

Stereophonics: Summer in the City at Cardiff City Stadium

Last night the Stereophonics did a one off gig as the first band to ever headline at the new Cardiff City Stadium, supported by 4th Street Traffic (competition winners handpicked by Stereophonics), Kids in Glass Houses and Doves.  Good bunch that.

Oh...and I was there :o)  Now I won't gush, even though I want to, but it was amazing.  The sold out gig only showed its true colours when Stereophonics took to the stage, before that despite the good names on offer not everybody deemed them worthy of a watch.  Opening with Trouble, not my favourite I'll be honest, the anticipation was amazing as we all listened and watched their silhouettes through the bold, red, Keep Calm and Carry On curtain that covered the stage and was dropped to raptuous applause.

Kelly Jones, charming as he is, regaled us with stories of a quiet night "in the old town" where "I woke up to the sound of my own voice and thought I was tripping.  I almost opened the door and said 'what's the crack like?'"  I wish he had, can you imagine the faces of those at that party if Kelly Jones turned up.  Epic.

Phone in hand, I rang my friend as Same Size Feet belted across the stadium (it's his favourite) only for it to be delayed due to some idiots that thought standing on the very precarious roof of a temporary bar was a good idea.  Kelly Jones was stopped by security and announced: "Now I know you're having an amazing time lads but can you get off the fucking bar, it's about to collapse."

And it was oh so Welsh...with Doves the only act that wasn't Welsh, the Welsh anthem playing before Stereophonics took to the stage, flags flying everywhere, Kelly Jones' wonderful Welsh twang and fireworks and streams exploding at the Welsh white, red and green of course!

Ok....enough with my little stories, I'm still too wrapped up in it all.  Enjoy with me?

...I really enjoyed this one live.  There was something quite transcendent about it.  Well...until the fat old man next to me started grinding into thin air thinking he was very sexy.  He wasn't...but Kelly Jones was.


  1. Sounds like so much fun!

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  2. It was AMAZING fun!! I was in my element! First trip to Cardiff and what a wonderful way to spend my time :o) x

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  5. Where were you seated and was the view restricted in any way?