Monday, 14 June 2010

Poorly sick = Chick Flick

I'm sick.  Not the *cough, cough*, *sniffle, sniffle*, "pass me the bucket", kind of sick.  I have tonsillitis.  Yes, as a friend has told me, it is a childs illness and at 22 it's about time I just have them pulled out.  This is, after all, the second time I've had this in six weeks.

I always thought it was a mild illness until I realised it could effect everything...from giving you earache and headache to making you sick.  My God.  How do you fix it?  In my case it's antibiotics.  One problem though...I'm allergic to Penicillin and some other stuff.  When I went off to the emergency doctor yesterday, expecting him to be very helpful, I told him of my allergies and his response was "well what exactly do you want me to give you then?"  My response: "Well I don't know.  YOU'RE the doctor."  This was said with less force than I'd have liked because my throat was too bloody sore to voice my irritation properly. an attempt to make myself feel better I have digested chick flick after chick flick. After all, tonsillitis came on whilst in the cinema watching Letters to Juliet.  (Nothing spectacular but a proper chick flick with lots of shots of the very beautiful Italian landscape.)  I've watched everything from She's All That to 17 Again, embracing my childish romantic side.  I challenge anyone under 25 to not find Zac Efron attractive when he steps out of that car on his first day back at school post K-Fed disaster. 

On my first (and hopefully last day at work) I'm now sat wondering why chick flicks are the answer.  Holed up in bed looking decidely NOT gorgeous, depite what the boy may think - he's not here to see the mess I am after all, I am indeed miles away from proclamations of love and dreamy days out in the sunshine.  Despite all this I have completely ploughed through my collection, sleeping through a few I must say, so what next?  Any ideas?


  1. Several.

    1. Go out and drink yourself silly. Yes, it will be painful at first. Yes, it will be expensive. Yes, it will ultimately make you feel much worse. But hey- at least when you get roaring drunk you'll have a few hours worth of forgetting about being sick!

    2. Ice cream. Lots. And watch funny movies instead of chick flicks! I recommend the office (US and UK versions) and funny sitcoms (I hear British sitcoms are pretty funny). Also anything with Will Ferrell. He eats funny-o's for breakfast.

    3. Okay, seriously, your doctor asked YOU what he was supposed to give you? Wow. I would have answered that question though: Percoset! That'll cure what ails ya!

    Cool blog!

  2. Haha. I love how you attempted to alter viewing options to meet my British-ness. Why thank you :o)

    I like ALL of these ideas. Therefore, I have plans for drinking, icecream in the freezer and big regrets for getting annoyed with the doctors incapability rather than requesting Percoset.

    The last is solely my fault because what else should I expect from an NHS doctor? They do not do weekends and his eyes were bright red. On drugs himself? Hungover? Just woke up from a nap? All possible...

  3. You have a fun night ahead of you! Too bad no percs to cap it off. Oh well. Are doctors generally bad under NHS? How do prescriptions work?

    Wow... am I really trying to get British healthcare info out of you on a fashion blog? Yikes- I need a new strategy. I'll learn to google.

    One point: beer is a favorite. Ice cream (especially chocolate chip cookie dough omg) is a favorite. In some ironic twist of fate... not good together. I recommend ice cream (and will ferrell) first. Of course, you do what you want... but don't say I didn't warn you!

  4. Technically it's not solely a fashion blog. I ramble on about all sorts :o)

    Well I'm spreading it out...Ben and Jerry's cookie dough icecream tonight and wine later on in the week. Icrecream just doesn't go with alcohol. It's very bad.

    No they aren't all bad. I think a lot of GP's have just lost the will to live. They ALL dislike working evenings and weekends so very few do!

    Prescriptions cost £7.20 each (I think) or are free if you're up to 18 and in full time education, if you get certain state benefits or are getting contraceptices. They're always available for free. So basically...making sure you're prescriptions good/includes all items to deal with your problem and/or will last a while is a good call.

    Learn something new every day huh ;o)

  5. "Well I'm spreading it out." You can't say that. :)

    Hmm. That's pretty cheap prescriptions. Maybe socialism isn't so bad? At least you Brits have your drinking down pat- we have a few issues to iron out here in the states. But lots of enthusiasm!

    I've made you a sick-girl Will Ferrell movie list (SGWFML)

    1. Anchorman
    2. Elf
    3. SNL Best of Will Ferrell Volume II
    4. Talladega Nights
    5. Stranger Than Fiction
    6. Wedding Crashers (cameo, but one of his best)
    7. Old School
    8. Blades of Glory
    9. Zoolander
    10. (finale) Stepbrothers

    That should keep you busy!

    And yes, sadly I have most of those movies memorized.

  6. Will you shout if I tell you I have only seen 3 of those before? And one is his cameo.

  7. Not shout, but I will sigh.

    You have homework to do.