Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Perfect Telephone Voice

There is a voice for everything.  We all know it.  Whether you're trying to be charming, formal, annoying, deal with children or are on the telephone.  That's always the best.  Everyone loves a good telephone voice.  For me, it isn't just about tone alone.  It is the tone and the accent.  I go all la-di-da.  As does my boss at work, God love her.  Her husband becomes more common and approachable all "mate" this and "mate" that if he's trying to do a deal.  Our manager is quite clipped.  Not in a nasty way, just so nothing is misconstrued...she's all professional, concise and clear.

O2, being such a massive corporation in the UK, have it absolutely nailed.  Before I explain why I will take this opportunity to say this can't always be the case, I've just been lucky.

Sitting there listening to their absolutely awful hold music, which, just as I get into it changes to a woman telling me that I'm on hold.  SHOCK.  I gasp, I hold back tears...who knew?  Oh yeah, you told me before and then put the music on.  Basically I was getting very bored.  Then...and this happened last time as well...a lovely man with an awesome accent comes on the phone.

This time he was Irish.  Last time he was from Newcastle and was all Geordie.  I'm crossing my fingers for a Welsh man next time.  And yes, they were all male...I'm sure SOMEONE who works at O2's call centre is female, I just haven't spoke to them yet.  These men were good.  No harsh accents, no foreign accents (which sadly scream "cheap labour in India") and most definitely no hint of boredom or annoyance at their jobs.  They've been calm, soothing and gave me what I wanted - potentially because I have some charm myself?  Their accents topped them off though.  There's something so approachable about their accents!  It's the boy-next door factor.  Bravo O2!  You have discovered the perfect telephone voice.

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