Wednesday, 23 June 2010

World Cup vs Lemonade with Gran

Today I finished work at 2:30.  Nearly 3 hours before I'm meant to.  Why you ask?  The World Cup of course!  I'm not into football at all (sacrilege I know) but I skipped out with everyone else, strolling through an overly busy village to home as everyone else rushed to get to their rightful location by kick off at 3pm.

Where was I at 3?  I was delivering a plant to my Granny for her birthday and drinking lemonade.  I most certainly was not watching the football.  Now it's all over and after two horrendous draws we've only bloody won one.  England 1 - 0 Slovenia.  Awesome considering we were literally booing our own players just the other day.  More importantly for me it means the boy will be happy, we won and we're still in the World Cup... Well, he'll be happy with the result, he most definitely will  not be happy that he had patients all afternoon (he's just about to start his final year as a dentistry student) and I had the time off and still didn't watch the match.

What matters though is that my Gran loved her plant.


  1. First off, I forget that you're English and I'm trying to read your post in an Englishwoman's accent (think Elizabeth Hurley).

    Right then. I'm going to adopt a bloody accent for me own posting.

    I'm with you. Soccer? Football? What? Isn't that the game where they dance around on a massive field for hours, sweating, getting multi-colored cards that I don't understand, only to end up 0-0 in a TIE (a mother f*cking TIE!) and just call it quits? Seriously? A tie? Here in America we like to think that hard works earns you something.

    If you sweat on the competitive field of battle, you get a victory (or defeat).

    If you labor in the fields all day, you get a decent wage.

    If you flirt with a girl all night and buy her drinks, you at least get a kiss or a number or something.

    Work = reward. Need to forward this on to those darn Frenchies- crying that their 30 hour workweeks are going to be extended to 62 years old now.

    Cry me a river!

    Ok. I'm done. So how's your day?

    Caleb <---- too much coffee today

  2. I love that what you've drawn from this is purely the football aspect and the fact you hate it lol.

    Erm...we invented football (soccer) and called it football. So it's football :p but yes it's a bit rubbish.

    What makes matters worse is that American's don't particularly like it yet USA are at the top of the table for our group!

    Silly people have England flags in their windows, on their cars, on their t-shirts etc but you never see any unless it's football season.

    I got ill again today but I'm headed to Wales this weekend to go to the beach (we're having a distinctly sunny spell here in's above 20c, shock horror) so I'm going to ignore that!

    Laura xx
    ps...Elizabeth Hurley? She's very posh and I am not. I hear Jenson Ackles (the guy from Supernatural) when I read yours. Anywhere near right?

  3. Laurasauros,

    I don't care if the Romans invented soccer and named it football- the first time we Americans threw a pigskin on a grassy field and called it "football" was the first day that soccer became soccer. End of story.

    And what's with the groups? I don't even get it. Groups, cards, tie games- it's crazy. That's why I like Japan- they just decided that baseball was awesome and that they were going to do it too.

    Ill? What's wrong? Don't complain about warm weather- there's never enough of it. I want to live on the sun.

    Haven't seen Jenson Ackles. Let me go look it up. [pause]

    Ok. He sure is a handsome devil! No, I don't really sound like that. He speaks "douche" while I speak "sarcasm." Totally different. I'm somewhere between Matthew Mcconaughey and Jim Carey. Wow- that sounds weird now that I think about it.

    What's posh mean, really? If it means super hot and I wanna give her one, then yes- that would describe E Hurley in Bedazzled. She's not always super-duper hot, but in that particular movie... whew. I'm giving myself some hot flashes.

    You stay classy.

    Caleb out!

  4. Dude you have it all wrong. You play "American Football". That's its full name.

    Though after an absolutely appauling show yesterday we have no right to claim football at all. I mean wow. 4-1 to the Germans. Though England and the US of A are now both out of the World Cup so enough of that eh?

    I got tonsillitis. Again. The doctor seemed baffled. Silly. I would never complain about warm weather, I love it!

    He is a handsome devil, I'm glad you agree, buthe is not a douche. Matthew Mcconaughey has a very specific accent though and it's miles away from Jim Carey so how does that work?

    Ha! You know what posh means :p she is good in Bedazzled. And she is posh at all times. Her accent makes that so.

    Laura x
    ps...If you look even slightly like Jenson you're doing good.

  5. By the time you're halfway through saying "American Football" I've already drank a half a Bud Light and kicked a German's ass. That's how we roll up in this hizzy.

    Cut them tonsils out. They're overrated anyway.

    Well... my mannerisms are more Jim Carey like but I sometimes sound like MM. It's hard to describe. I actually look more like Frodo from lord of the rings than Jenson, but there's definitely a little resemblance.

    Ok, posh. Good. Man I'd like to... er. Nevermind. That accent does it for me, agreed.

    Feel better!