Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cupcakes: Do I Dare?

I can't bake.  When I try the fact our oven is broke inevitably means anything on the right hand side burns.  That, or in my attempt to shift them round enough to prevent even cooking means that any cake drops and lacks all life.

This is particularly difficult for me at the minute because I pine for cupcakes.  I'm absolutely, wholeheartedly in love with them.  Fed up of paying £3 per cupcake I figure it's about time I give it a go.  I may force my mother to bake with me tomorrow as I know full well her oven works!

In preparation I called out for a wonderful lemon cupcake recipe.  Liberty London Girl, ill as she is, so nicely gave me advice via Twitter.  After finding a wonderfully simple basic recipe to work from and jotting down her lemon-related alterations I am now fully ready.  And now I'm scared.  What if I butcher them?  This is completely irrational but I just don't like to fail.

Baking advice anyone?

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