Monday, 31 May 2010

The Human Heart

I found this image on The Maison Happiness, home to Licia Floria's blog.  There's so much more to the human body than we think.  Some think love it a chemical reaction but I like the idea that there is more to the human body than meets the eye.

Oddly enough the blog post was entitled A Wolf at the Door and this image was paired with that of a young girl having a tea party with a wolf.  This is a good representation of what love can be like...a wolf playing nice until it turns and you can be left heartbroken.

Luckily for me "romantic possibilities" section of my heart has taken over lately, but...and here's the tedious link...if the "broken/shattered area of regret/tragedy" area of your heart has gone into overdrive check out Kissed Lot's Of Frogs, which launches today!  Read about it here...

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