Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Kissed Lots of Frogs

Break ups are always going to be difficult, made more so by certain circumstances: Are you still at school together? Are you friends/have the same friends? What happens when they start to see someone else? What if the reason you broke up was because they already were seeing someone else?

Even if, like one of the girls at work, you just weren't feeling the spark break ups are still hard...despite it being you doing the breaking up!  I remember my first proper break up well.  After breaking up three or four times he cut his losses and decided to go our with my best friend.  I was gutted.  And 13.

Remembering this is what makes me think new website Kissed Lots of Frogs is going to be amazing.  I don't know all that much about it, only what @kissedfrogs twitter tells me.  It is a fun, light hearted website to help teenagers and people in their early 20's to go through a break up..."Sell your stuff, fitness plan, fashion blog etc...its going to make you laugh!"

I'm not sure how Kissed Lots of Frogs is going to manage to attract both of these age ranges.  Teenagers need a place to rant, an advice how then to look astoundingly good at school and how to make the boy jealous.  That's what they want to hear anyway, whether this advice will work is another matter.  What people in their early 20's want is a support group to stop them relapsing and giving in when the ex is actually just no good for them, probably a foolproof diet to lose 20 pounds and maybe a way to meet new people.

Needless to say if this site succeeds I'll regret not having it before.  Let's be honest anyone going through a break up could do with a laugh! Kissed Lots of Frogs will launch on Monday May 31st.

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