Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Fantastic Florence and Friends

Florence Welch is amazing.  Last night I drank, I danced and I screamed (it's never really singing at gigs is it?) along to the wonderful Miss Welch at Wolverhampton's Civic Hall and she was incredible.  I expected lots of extravagent costumes but I was wrong...and that wasn't a bad thing.

Joined by everyone from a keyboard player and a drummer to a harpist and a string section Florence took to the stage in a simple black outfit, adapted by additional pieces from batwing arms to a shawl worn over the head for effect.  (The pic below is from her website because I was so over excited I forgot to take my own sorrrry!)  The stand out piece was her voice.  And her fantastic flaming hair of course.  With her and Paramore's Hayley bowling me over every time I see them I may just have to give up being a blonde.

Another surprise for the evening...BOTH supports were fantastic.  Babe Shadow got the crowd off to a good start with The Drums completely blowing us away.  If you haven't heard of The Drums you really need to.  I was convinced I had no clue who they were but I recognised a fair few tracks...and doesn't it always help when the frontman has amazing stage presence, they all have amazing hair and the drummer is cute?  Check out their MySpace and take a listen.  Down by the Water is a personal favourite of mine...

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