Friday, 14 May 2010

Take Back Parliament

I was very exctited last week because I finally got to vote.  I always thought I'd get to vote before I was 22 but hey ho.  After listening to continued moaning about the rubbish system of voting in the UK I finally gave in and listened to my stepdad by visiting the Take Back Parliament website.  He has suddenly gone all political on me, protesting for change by attending rallies...amazing. (Today is his 47th birthday...if you ever read my blog happy birthday!)  The Take Back Parliament petition is striving for The Alternative Vote:

"The Alternative Vote is similar to First Past the Post, except instead of marking an "X" in a box voters are allowed to rank candidates (1, 2, 3 etc) according to their preferences.  If a candidate recieves a majority of first-choice preferences then they are elected.  If no majority is recieved on first preference votes, then the second preferences are countend (and then third, and so on) until a candidate recieves a majority."

Sounds fairly simple and very practical really.  Nobody to then complain about hung parliaments or not properly getting heard. long as people get their arses in gear have enough voting slips and enough polling stations.  Really...sometimes you have to wonder what state we're in when polling stations don't expect to have enough voters to use a small amount of slips.  Astounding.

Anyway, I'm not pretending to know lots I'm just acknowledging that what we have now isn't exactly right and that this sounds better.  The petition may even give the new government a push!

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