Sunday, 16 May 2010

2Weeks 2Make It: Brum 2010

If you read my blog you'll know I love untapped talent.  If it's untapped local talent even better because it gives me the chance to experience it first hand.  That's why I love Created in Birmingham so much.  In order to encourage new talent I'm going to try to do my best to lace in some competition info into FCR so that all you budding creatives can get involved.  First up is 2Weeks 2Make It, Birmingham 2010.

"2Weeks 2Make It is a music video competition pairing randomly drawn teams of filmmakers and musical artists who then have exactly 2 weeks to shoot and edit a music video from scratch! The aim is to have fun and encourage teamwork, initiative and creativity “under fire”, whilst working to a challenging and immovable deadline."

Kicking off on 21st May there will be a Professional Music Video Masterclass followed by the official launch where the bands and film teams will be randomly matched.  On June 15th, following two weeks of madness, there will be a screening and party for all involved to share their stories, watch their videos and...of course...a prize ceremony.  The perfect way to get your talent noticed.  The only drawback?  Today is the final day for registration, which ends at midnight.  I know, it's late...I only just found out about this so I apologise.

For all the information you could need visit the 2Weeks 2Make It Brum 2010 website...don't miss your chance!  For an added bit of inspiration here's what the winners from last years Yorkshire based competition came up with.  Sheffield did a good job but I think Birmingham could do better...

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