Saturday, 1 May 2010

Created in Birmingham

So I haven't blogged for what feels like a very long time.  Not only have I been poorly sick but I have been uninspired completely.  Until today.... Hooray!!

After unwillingly journeying into Birmingham in an attempt to get the lovely people at Apple to fix my phone (they didn't) I stumbled upon the shop Created in Birmingham.  Full of treaures and trinkets from hand printed note pads to jewellery to clothing to original photography...all created by local artists!!  Jewellery makers banged against artists manning stands whilst musicians chilled out on the sofas with their guitars.  I was grinning by the time I came out...full of the wonders of the shop and dying to take my friend Katie, who I know would have loved it.

I rushed home to Google the shop hoping they were online to pass on the info to others...only to find out that they are closing/moving and no, they do not sell online.

There was a small illustration print about heroes, a purple bangle made of surprisingly thin curving metal and a wooden clock that I had my eye set on.  This is when delaying a purchase comes back to bite you in the ass...and I dislike the Apple corporation even more.  After my scheduled time to meet with a Genius (who was not a genius clearly as he has no clue what is wrong with my phone and suggested I purchase a new refurbed one for £150) I had to leg it for my train home.  Now I feel terrible.  I want those things.  They would have been more beneficial than the Topshop bag I brought (though it's pretty nice, all grey and's this one but grey).

HOWEVER....more things like this should happen.  I urge you to find out more about them at the Created in Birmingham website...and cross your fingers they come back!!


  1. I love created in brum, they've already sold two of my canvases and the general idea of the shop makes it so chilled out and unique. I really hope they move and never close.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Created in Birmingham contacted me via Twitter. They say: "99% sure we're moving. It's a popup shop that fills empty units until a new tenant is found. All part of the game!"

    Hope that makes you happy :o) would love to see some of your work. Let me know if it is up anywhere locally/viewable online.

    FCR x

  3. Do you know where they'll be re-opening? I have some of my bags (which I customise) in there til they close...It's such a shame they have to move

  4. Hi Nazia,

    Using Twitter as my contact once more Created in Brum's Chris Unitt (@chrisunitt on Twitter) told me at the minute they really don't know. Check out their blog for more information.

    I will of course keep you posted with any updates!

    FCR x