Monday, 7 June 2010

Stuart Cable Tribute

Devastatingly for many Stuart Cable, the original drummer of the Stereophonics died this morning.  After raving about the latest line up of Stereophonics only yesterday it feels so sad to be writing of his death now.

What do I most remember Stuart Cable for?  Other than his time in the Stereophonics it has to be his deep gravelly voice, enhanced only by his strong Welsh twand, which was completely compelling when he presented on Kerrang! Radio.  His radio show, Rock N Roll Years, as well as his appearances on other shows never failed to brighten my day. Kerrang! are today adjusting their schedules in tribute, playing a range of Stuart's favourite music as well as interviews and live sets Stuart Cable performed for Kerrang! with his new Welsh band Killing for Company.

The most interesting news piece I've seen comes from the BBC where Kelly Jones tells of how the drummer said only two weeks ago on his 40th birthday that he thought he'd never reach 40.  Check it out here as Kelly talks on the day of his uncles funeral, who was honoured at the Cardiff gig, mourns the loss of another man close to him.

Here's one of my favourite Stereophonics songs from back in 1998...RIP Stuart x

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