Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Facebook Stalking vs Actual Psychotic Episodes

When we talk about why we use Facebook some girls use it for a very specific reason: Facebook stalking.  They'll admit this.  At work the other day one of the girls said "oh no, I didn't see that. I only really go on to stalk Josh."  I should point out Josh is her boyfriend...who she clearly doesn't trust.  Other Facebook stalking includes those who just hover on the News Feed to pick up on any/all gossip possible and those that trail after friends, ex's, friends of boyfriends etc.

All pretty harmless...or so you think.

Then I find a site called "Psychotic Letters From Men"...a blog that posts exactly what it says on the tin over the course of a year.  It stopped in February but that doesn't prevent it from providing some rather amusing/scary stories.  These "letters" after all, are actually mostly sent over the internet via email/social networking.  Psychotic men tracking women down over the internet that they haven't spoke to in ten years plus in some instances.  They verge from the self-deluded and apologetic to the downright insane and delusional.

Thank God for privacy settings.  I've just upped my considerably!  Check out the site asap in case they decide to shut it down entirely and make sure to click through to older posts are they're better...though lengthy in some cases!

Here's a quote though from PLFM Quickies: Cat Thoughts afer Amy reminded Alan he had no right to enquire about her cat after he once threatened to kill it:

From: Alan
To: Amy

I was nice to you to send you back your stuff. Now you write something like this.

Forget it. Just forget it.

Karma will get you. It starts now.

You are now in my kill file.


  1. I know- great site, right?

    I've often thought of sending crazy letters to chicks I barely know on FB, but then sending one later saying "Psych! Gotcha!"

    Probably wouldn't be funny.

    A girl I'm seeing (the one in the hallway with me if you read my post yesterday) has a stalker-y guy. She told him they can't be friends cuz he's getting crazy. Here were his three status updates last night:

    1: 'either i'm
    too quiet or you're not worth my time.'
    2: 'debating taking a chainsaw
    to my throat.' 'goodbye. maybe one person will remember who i was.'
    3: 'in the back of a cop car for 'suicide watch' fuck.'



  2. Yes. Thank you for bringing it into my life.

    I did read that it was hilarious. I hope she found it as funny when you landed on your arse whilst attempting to seduce her.

    Are those actual real life status'? What a nut job. Poor girl. Lol.

    Girls can be as bad I'm as sure. Though a girls version would no doubt end up looking pathetic and crazy rather than just crazy.