Monday, 9 August 2010

Couple Dressing

I don't know if this is a common thing but the other day at the pub I couldn't help but declare I was worried because whenever I see the boy we're dressed the same.  Whether it's colours/material/pattern it has happened every time I've seen him for the last few weeks...we don't plan it.  In fact we mostly get dressed at different times/in different places completely unaware until we're both dressed.

I remarked on this unusual occurance the first few times and he laughed and brushed it off....until I went to stay with him in Leeds and his flatmate went "awww how sweet, you match."  We looked at each other and that was it then, I could see it had settled in with him and he wasn't too happy about it.  That evening when we both walked into the living room in red shoes, and red shoes aren't common, he went "we've done it again."  We went out for food, returned to his flat to meet friends before going out and he actually got changed.  It amused me that he was concerned about couple imitation.

Turns out this isn't an odd thing.  When I brought it up amongst friends apparently it's happened to them too and it's always uncomfortable.  Has this happened to you?  Is this a universal thing?  You see, I found it quite comforting, I liked the idea that we had some form of psychic connection/inherent ability to coordinate with each other in the most basic of ways...maybe that makes me strange.  Should I be forcing the boy into his room to change rather than just laughing about it?

Celebrities are mocked/praised because of it, fashion magazines ask whether this 'Couple Dressing' is trendy and photographers point out the irony of two people 'fitting' style wise... I found an entire collection in Reclarkgable's Behance portfolio called Couples.  The images were so apt and so good, what with each photograph using the same models and the same poses just with some fabulous styling.  Here are a selection that make my point perfectly.


  1. Whoa.

    How about, no.

    Sorry, like to help you out here, but couples dressing alike is pretty gay. I don't mean homosexual, just gay.

    If it happens once on accident or something, it's funny. Twice, is weird.

    After that? Just don't be surprised when you find him making out with his roommate and telling you he just has an "open mind."

    Not that your boy would do that, but you know. Just saying.


  2. Ha. I'm more concerned that this is a common thing. That when this happens a few times you automatically merge into one person. I need to prevent this.