Friday, 20 August 2010

Guardian Soulmates and Short Men

I have read many of Caleb's tales of dating sites and laughed out loud.  However, this week humorous online dating escapades came up in the office.  At Fused Magazine one of the lovely girls that works there decided to log onto Guardian Soulmates and regale us with the stories of freaks that have contacted her.

She apparently chose Guardian Soulmates because the people on there aren't as stupid and they're often quite creative...perfect for her then.  She put in her requests, the main one being they have to be over 6ft tall, and has since had a multitude of very random responses.  One being a telling off because she only wanted someone over 6ft tall when she herself is only 5ft 4.  The man doing the telling off was 5ft 8 or something so didn't see why she needed someone taller than that.  I fear though that his height may have been an issue for him otherwise he wouldn't have been so touchy about it.  I predict he was really about 5ft 6, max, and fed of being ruled out by women.

Women like someone taller than them.  What's more, they want someone that is taller than them in 6 inch platform heels.  They may never wear 6 inch platform heels but they want the option.  That's not too much to expect.  I'm lucky, boy is definitely over 6ft.  He was 6ft when I met him but, spectacularly, I think he's still growing.  It's just one of those things for women.  Yes we have been known to fall in love with short men but it is rarely the preference.

Really though, the point is that you should not shout at someone you don't know on a dating site because they want someone taller than you.  This isn't right.  What also isn't right is signing up when you're married to find someone to swing with.  No, no, no.  Oh, and you probably shouldn't tell someone: "I would like to meet with you for coffee and chat.  We can have intellegent chat and smiles whilst we gaze into each others eyes."  Pass the sick bucket...

I wonder how people use Guardian Soulmates (other dating sites are available) in a realistic setting.  There seem to be a lot of idiots on them, even on the posh ones meant for smart and creative people.  So how does it work realistically?  Do you plow through hundreds of weirdos and then finally just settle for someone half normal?  Or should I just be signing up now just to have a good laugh when I'm feeling down and ignoring them when I'm a lonely old cat lady? After all, at Fused we came up with many tales of swingers, short men, perverts, S&M hotels and many many more things...all prompted by Guardian Soulmates.  So, thanks Guardian for providing some laughs.


  1. lol. nobody that is going to a dating site to meet someone should be picky. they should hope to god they meet someone that takes a shower each day and be happy.

  2. My mom once broke it off with a guy because he was shorter than her. She was amazed that she was that bothered by his height, but whatr ya gonna do, right?

    I had a chick send me a message on PoF this week, and when she saw that I read it followed up with another email almost immediately that said:

    "I saw you read my email. No response. Not interested then? Fine."

    I was like: "Whoa. What a bitch. Sounds hot."

    I'm bad.

  3. I've been on a site (artists writers musicians here)for a year and enjoy every minute. I don't walk into cafés (pubs for you in UK)and eye up the fellas or sit to be eyed up.Met quite a few and not one single weirdo. Not even one on the phone where you should be able to sift them away if you can listen!! (If)

    I's usually onlookers who criticize. You have to try before passing judgment. I've tried and I'm not judging - just enjoying. Even if the Right one doesn't pop up, at least I'll be enjoying it and not pissed off, alone and criticizing.
    Maybe you don't need such a site. Good! That's more space for us!
    Must go, just got a message.

  4. I'm really glad you're having luck on it R. I don't judge at all that's not what this post is about. My mom met my stepdad on a dating site 8 years ago and now they're happily married with 2 kids so I'm definitely not ruling it out. I'll probably be on Guardian Singles myself within the year.

    However, I haven't heard that many good things lately. People seem to be using it for humorous anecdotes which goes against the point surely? So...any tips for success?

  5. Never used Soulmates, as I have a partner, but I do get bored at work and click on the image if there's a foxy girl there on the side of the page, and then have a poke around the 'popular' gallery. I do wonder what shorter men do on there, or if they are ever successful. All the girls there want tall men, even if they, themselves, are very short.

    I think there is a strong discrepency between reality and what women see as their ideal man. If the choices on Soulmates held true in the real world, men under, say, 5ft 8 or so would never get laid or get a girlfriend. Indeed, shorter people would probably die out. I think women who do that are being a tad daft. It's not simply down to an individual's taste if women do it en masse.