Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Life Plan

I am cynical and having some kind of quarter-life breakdown and therefore I don't have a plan.  In fact, I dont see me having children or a job.  Especially children, as today I spent a day with my mother, who is a childminder, and listened to a baby scream at an ear piercing level every time my mom was out of sight...even if the baby had caused that by bum shuffling across the floor.

What I see is a magical glass house that changes colour and texture with the flick of a button and a really hot husband.  In be honest I don't see one husband, I see different ones at different times, I just presume we'll be married because at some point I would like a wedding.

Why would I like a wedding? I want the excuse for a massive party, I want gifts and I want a pretty dress.  Primarily I want a pretty dress.  A pretty expensive dress.  Vera Wang, I have you pencilled in for this magical day that happens in a time not yet determined.  In fact, it may be so magical it's timeless and you can nip in and out of it at will.

Vera Wang Dovima and Wedding Dresses
Images as shown on Vera Wang
So, yeah..I live in fantasy.

A gorgeous friend of mine has 'The Life Plan' and revealed it to me and my little group over drinks on Monday and I almost spat my drink all over her.  She wants kids within four years, which means she needs to be married in two, which means she has to be engaged NOW to allow planning time.  This isn't a rare thing, in fact women have been known to plan wedding dates without even a boyfriend in sight as you can read here.  My problem with this?  She's 22.

Her: "I told him that we'll be having kids soon so he needs to get onto proposing but he's just sat on his arse not doing anything about his life."
Me: "Hold on a sec, you told him you're having kids soon?  If I told my boyfriend that he would say he's nipping out to pick up some milk and then boom.  I'd never see him again."

I mean this wholeheartedly.  In fact, please note technically we don't even have a label.  Let alone a life plan.  I can tell you this though, our Grand Designs style house would be epic.  And there would be no babies in it.  Babies and glass don't mix.  Think of the paw prints he'd have to wipe up... I would not be doing it.


  1. Hey!

    I was going to say "did you see my post?" but obviously...

    So yeah, don't think too far ahead. You're just a kid, and with the rate civilization grows and the developments in medicine, you'll probably live till 200 or so. So babies at 50 or 60 is probably going to be the new norm!

    Also, you said "gorgeous friend of mine"... I'm probably going to need to see some pics.

    Hustle up now.


  2. I reminded me of this story and so I decided to share it with the world. I linked to you though...aren't I nice. You'll be pleased to know I agree...I'm just thinking about the next month.

    Whilst she is gorgeous I doubt she'd like her pic on my blog...and I only really declared that so she wouldn't hate me for sharing her madness with the world ;o)