Monday, 5 July 2010

The Big Job Hunt

I have officially finished work for the summer.  Well...I have finished full time work for the summer, I start a work placement at Fused Magazine a week tomorrow and I am massively excited.  I will be writing articles, researching, helping out with their marketing/PR activity and organising their 10th birthday bash.  Awesome!  Sounds a bit full time though doesn't it?  I'm going to become superwoman to get it all done with only two days in the office a week!

Despite this excitement it is time to look for a "proper job" again.  Due to my father's encouragement I have a meeting on Wednesday about "going on the dole".  It will be terrible.  I hate the Job Centre.  However, hopefully they will help my summer cash flow whilst I'm off work and will of course push me to sort a job.

Now, what do I want to no particular order...
1. Be a fantastical magazine editor.
2. Do the marketing for Burberry (they are so on it right now!)
3. Be a fashion buyer extraordinare.
4. Write a novel.
5. Take the world by storm.

Now...any chance of all these things being incorporated into one job?  Anyone reading this who will give me a job?  No, thought not.


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