Saturday, 10 July 2010

Not quite Twi-hard

Something terrible happened.  After moaning about the fact the Twilight films seemed to be lacking something my wonderful aunt forced the books into my hands: "You'll like them, I promise."  I didn't believe her and so they have sat in a bag in the room for months.  Literally.  Until now.

This week has been relaxation week.  After breaking up from work for the summer I've taken a week to unwind before starting my work placement at Fused Magazine.  Apparently I can't just do nothing and so my fingers itched their way to that bag and I began to read.  And there I found it...what's missing from the Twilight films: Bella's personality.

In the books she is quirky, cool, pretty, funny, clumsy, sarcastic and generally has bags of personality.  The Bella Swan that people know  and love (though I don't know why) from the films has none of this.  Ok, so Kristen Stewart is pretty, but as Bella she lacks that personality.  In fact, I don't think she cracks a smile at any point in the film.  I re-watched it last night fearing I was being harsh but still saw no smile.  Every other character though is spot on.  Well...except for the fact that the supposedly extremely beautiful Dr Cullen and Co. are not all that beautiful.  They're just creepy.  And at no point does their skin (Edward included) ever look like diamonds.

I have now become obsessed with finishing the books.  Stephanie Meyer's writing is fabulous.  I have devoured both Twilight and New Moon in record time, have started on Eclipse and brought Breaking Dawn today.  It cost me £15 as it is only currently available in hardback...and now I've just seen it half price online (follow my link).  I must be stupid.  How did this happen?!  When reading the books you can create your own imaginary world.  Everyone in my world is the same as in the films but Bella...but maybe it's pure jealousy the Kristen Stewart gets all close and personal with not only Robert Pattinson but Taylor Lautner too.  Lucky girl.

No matter my opinion, it looks like Twilight is here to stay.  Sorry to all those boys that just wish their girlfriends/wives/daughters would shut up about it!  Read the books, avoid the films.  Well, try at least, I have a feeling you'll struggle now Eclipse has been released at cinemas.


  1. OMG

    I HATE Kristen Stewart's face. So much.

    I want to put it in a blend-o-matic.

    I want to beat it in with a serrated shovel.

    I want to.. do other things to it.

    Seriously- she always has that slightly-whiny, partly-petulant, "like, oh my god" look on her face.

    Breath, Caleb. Breath.

    PS I hear that the books are unnecessarily wordy and filled with poor writing.

    That's just the word on the street.

  2. See in comparison to the films the books are amazing. Such a shame it's Kristen's moodyness that ruins in.

    Yes Caleb, breathe...I feel your pain.