Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Best Hunter Wellies

They're the item for festival season...and have been for several years.  A little glimpse of that rectangular label on the front of a pair of wellies and there's no denying which brand they are: Hunter.  In fact, they've only become more of a statement as celebrities snatched them up (everyone from Kate Moss to Sarah Brown has been snapped in a pair) and Jimmy Choo jumped on the band wagon and collaborated with Hunter to create those black snakeskin wellies.  (And just so you're in the know, they now come in other colours too.  Including ultra high shine silver.)

Sarah Brown and Naomi Campbell at Glastonbury.
Brown wears charity Water Aid Hunter's (£49.99) and Campbell, true to form, wears Jimmy Choo's (£255).
Image from The Daily Mail.

For me, there is only one style of Hunter wellies.  They're the classic tall style, perfect for knee deep mud, they're a great colour (a twist on the traditional black) and would look amazing worn with short shorts and a rain mac.  What's more, and this is important, they're affordable.  We aren't all celebrities, we can't all afford £250+ for a Jimmy Choo pair, but these are only £47.99 and they're an absolute style classic.  Bravo Cloggs.


  1. What? Chicks are wearing galoshes? Seriously?

  2. They are indeed...it rains a lot in the UK but we bloody love festivals. They then have a tendancy to become a mud slide. Wellies are a necessity.