Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I love feathers...I don't care what you say!

Last night I held an entire conversation about feathers.  Not so surprisingly, boys seem very anti-feathers.  They also don't seem to understand the concept of dressing to please yourself and not them.  When I raised the concept of wearing a feather skirt (I have seen one in Topshop...and I think I'm in love) in an attempt to stop me (unbeknownst to him they're all sold out...hence the lack of a link, sorry guys!) he raised a multitude of anti-feather statements:

1. They won't look good.  They'll just stick out at all angles.
2. You'll look like a bird.  Birds are not attractive.  Take big bird for example...
3. They won't even be real.
4. Oh, ok, they will be real but then they'll burn.  You'll only need to sit next to a radiator.

Proposterous reasons everyone of them.  They look sublime.  And I have proof...thanks to Grazia Online.  Topshop please stock up...or Oasis (they used to sell a beautiful dress with a feathered skirt that was to die for!) and make sure you have plenty in a size 10...or just one...on reserve for me?

Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry looking lovely in feathers

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