Saturday, 19 December 2009

I may have found a tiny bit of Christmas spirit

I'm not excited about Christmas....the presents, turkey and stuffing, snow and Santa just don't do it for me...but I was excited about breaking up from work for two weeks of relaxation.  The build up has at least made me appreciate Christmas, as that's why I was getting the time off for work in the first place.

So, as my boss wrapped her presents, booked her ski stuff and headed off for colder climates I found myself humming Christmas songs.  Yes, finally something has replaced the Jurassic Park theme tune that has been going round my head for months, don't ask me why.  And what managed it?...Mariah Carey of course.  Oh, and a bit of Wham.  The classics, you know what they are, are now being belted out by me in the shower.  If you've ever heard me sing you will know this is not the most fun for my family, who have to live with me!

I looked out the window at the frost this morning and didn't mind it because today I can stay in the warmth.  Marvellous.  Let's just ignore the Christmas shopping shall we...surely it will do itself if I wait long enough?

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