Monday, 21 December 2009

The Blazer: Just because Vogue says it's "out..."

If you know me at all you'll probably know my style doesn't really change with the season, more just with the weather.  That's why, when catching up with the last few months of Vogue, I read this in the December issue:

Miss V: "Christian Louboutin, in a chic navy blazer (I want one for myself - any advice?), talked about driving tests."
Fashion Editor's response: "Note, blazers: fine on Christian, otherwise over."

I laughed at the bluntness, and also the slight obnoxious tone.  If Miss V wants to wear a blazer, bloody let her wear one! I love fashion, I really do, but sometimes the fickleness annoys me.I'm pretty sure Vogues Fashion Editor was probably wearing a blazer only a month ago...And I'm positive the celebs still are. 

It's almost as bad as those that say they don't follow the trends, putting clothing out of sight until nobody else is wearing them....because let's be honest, you wouldn't have had them in the first place if brand buyers hadn't handpicked them because they were in fashion.

Check out these pictures from Grazia Daily, all taken at various events over the last month.  I won't be giving mine up, in fact I went out in it just last weekend.  When I get bored then it'll go to the back of the closet.  Take a tip from the celebs and get your blazers back out.  They are, after all, the perfect shoulder coverage for winter.

Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Agyness Deyn looking splendid in their blazers

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