Sunday, 6 December 2009

Kattaca: Artistic Inspiration

Kattaca's styling intrigues me because with every image you can see clearly the inspiration. every image I am reminded of something, whether it is as obvious as photographical reconstructions of Klimt artwork and an homage to Tim Burton or fairytale, supernatural and sci-fi elements hidden within styling and beauty elements.  I was reminded of everything from The Matrix to Little Red Riding Hood.

For instance, Kattaca's 'Flowers in December' portfolio section rather reminds me of 'The Grinch' with flicking green hair and over the top style.  There may have been a more sophisticated aspect behind the photographs but that's what comes to my mind...perfect for Christmas really!

From 'The Grinch' to Klimt, 'The Matrix' and Renaissance inspirations


Kattaca's entire portfolio is pretty amazing, quite a variety I'm sure you'll agree but always bold, thoughtful and high successful.  I love it.

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