Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow and/or a White Christmas

This year my sister, who is 11, wrote an extensive Christmas list.  It started "Dear Dad..." instead of being written to Santa, and ended "Yours Sincerely, Megan Booth."  Complete with signature.  Amongst other things she asked for a laptop, an iPod (Apple was specified, no other MP3 player need apply), snow, and a white Christmas.  (Yes I know snow and a white Christmas are kind of the same thing but these were specified as two different items, like either/or would be fine.)

I remember when I was a child I would be lucky to get the new Barbie.  In fact, one year I got the new Barbie, it was a gymnastics one that supposedly swang between the bars.  It didn't.  It also broke on Christmas Day and was immediately put back in the box and returned on December 27th never to be seen again.  Megan already has the laptop wrapped from my mom and my dad is contemplating the iPod (a nano/touch, of course a shuffle isn't good enough).

Well...I don't mean to sound like a really old person...but surely this isn't right.  Surely this goes against all that Christmas is supposed to be.  Surely I should be getting £400 worth of presents as well.  Apparently not.  I should have seen this coming when Megan's first nativity started with astronauts going so fast around the Earth they went back in time and participated in the traditional nativity events. 

Bring back Mary literally having a tea cloth on her head, £20 gifts, ratty old tinsel on green trees rather than black and Christmas pudding that is just Christmas pudding not "Marks and Spencers Christmas Pudding".  A traditional Christmas, in the style of 1992, would be lovely.  Thank you.

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