Sunday, 6 December 2009

Jacqueline Bissett: The heart of fashion illustration

Illustration Ltd's website was always a fantastic source of inspiration for me whilst at university, there was one illustrator in particular that always got my 'right click' to store her imagery on my laptop...Jacqueline Bissett.  Every time I saw an image it reminded me of something time and time again.

Finally Illustration Ltd's blog enlightened me.  The Sunday Times' Style magazine is full of Bissett's work but sadly she has ended her four years of work for them.  This further intensifies the fact that I apparently pay little attention to names as long as I like the work.  This isn't really a problem until I get to an interview and get bombared witth questions about this designer and that illustrator.  Woops.

Not the only place I've seen Bisset's work though, there has been a time when I have recognised her work.  In a meeting with the Browns and Browns Focus head buyers I noticed some lovely ) hand drawn illustrations hung in Browns' offices.  If I wasn't assured by my own recognition Jacqueline Bisset's signature definitely highlighted that I was right!  It's not unheard of for Browns to have good taste though is it?  Looks like she's turning up everywhere...I am just so behing on the times.

I'm sure she'll be sadly missed at The Sunday Times' offices.  Check out some of Bisset's work yourself...she has her own dedicated area on Illustration Ltd!

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