Thursday, 7 April 2011

Doppelganger: Images of the Human Being

This new book, which Cool Hunting recently featured, includes "bizarre, creepy and altogether stunning visions of digitally-influnced identity." Due to the nature of my MA topic I have been reading a lot about the influence of the digital on our personalities, intelligence etc. it is very interesting to see it represented in a visual way.  It is imagery like this that could inspire the digitally influenced fashion and lifestyle trends that are developing.

"Exploring what deeply concerns people emotionally and representing it pictorially is one of the most interesting things happening in art and visual culture today," explains editor Robert Klanten in the book's preface. From tangible, more conventional layers like costumes and masks to photo-technical renderings and artistic manipulations, this sizeable coffee-table tome reveals the innumerable permutations of human form that have emerged in this very short span of time. Perhaps the result of its translation from German, Doppelganger's preface can seem a little abstruse at times, which hardly seems to matter given that the rest of the book's evocative and unsettling images speak for themselves." (from Cool Hunting)

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