Sunday, 23 September 2012

Edward Turner: n i g h t

My taste in music has changed quite a lot recently. When my iPod is on shuffle I am continuously surprised at the music that I used to love and find myself selecting songs by the likes of Laura Marling, Sam Beeton and Daughter instead.

That's why, after Pegasus Bridge split a year ago, I was so pleased to hear vocalist and guitar player Edward Turner had recorded some new songs. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of n i g h t, his EP, particularly as he was selling hand painted copies. It is the second CD I have brought within 5 years, the first was Pegasus Bridge's While We're Young, which says quite a lot really.

When my copy came earlier this month I was ecstatic, especially as it also came with a lovely little note from Ed, which is an amazing personal touch. He was right, it is best listened to in the dark.

I watched The Things That Don't Move in the Night over and over again before downloading it from iTunes and the rest of the EP definitely didn't disappoint. I can assure you that if he was your boyfriend you'd forgive him for anything after listening to Oh My Darling. You can't get a hand painted copy any more but you can, and should, download it here.


  1. not really an indie person but I don't really like modern music anyway. Two years' ago, I got into 80s music (in a BIG) way and am slowly getting into David Bowie, Cream, Stevie Wonder, Simply Red, the Kinks, ELO, the Supremes... most music that was made after 1996 I tend to pass on now.... unless it's on the radio! ;p

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. Great post,honey!;)

  4. Loooove learning about new music, so I'm definitely going to give these bands a whirl. :)

  5. That little note is such a lovely touch! xxx

  6. It was interesting song, though not something that I'd personally add to my library.