Monday, 6 September 2010

Empty-headed Critisim

Yesterday, after having a very bad morning, some lovely fellow decided to tell me that this "site" is full of "empty-headed b******s" and that the site name is very apt.  So not only criticism me but my readers as well.  I have had other comments that disagree with my opinions and calling me names for them but never have these people given their name.  Whilst people have always put their names when saying anything nice "Anonymous" is clearly the alias for when people want to be nasty.  It amuses me that this comment came on the article Guardian Soulmates and Short Men (I have now deleted it) as I can only assume he is an online dater that has been shunned by some women for being short.  I was merely stating a strange fact of nature, not saying that you will never find love.

You know what my Granny always says: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything nice at all."  My dad on the other hand just says: "Karma is a bitch so you don't need to be." Everyone likes a rant but blogs  are to allow anyone to put across their opinion.  If you disagree then put that across in an amiable way or keep your mouth shut and stop reading!  This isn't just me suffering though, it's wonderful bloggers like Liberty London Girl.  She calls these horrible people blog trolls.

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This blog is called First Class Ramblings.  Yes, the name is apt, because I will ramble about whatever holds my interest at the time.  It is not "empty-headed", I'm awell educated, but we don't all have to be pompous and self-righteous all the time now do we.


  1. ramble away dear... that's what blogs are FOR! LLGxx

  2. Weird- remember when I had my first hater and made it a blog post? It's fun in a way, but also makes you defensive, too.

    Check out my very appropriate response to a commenter who didn't appreciate me turning her horse-blog ramblings into innuendo fodder:

    Ha! I just read down to the bottom and saw a second hater joined the group. Debating "taking it to her" or not.


    Keep Ramblin'


  3. I don't remember your post Caleb but that link is very funny. I find it amusing that blog trolls are so common, and people seem to completely disagree with their negativity. I personally would never be nasty on someones blog. It's like writing in red pen over someones diary. Personal preference and opinion is allowed as far as I'm concerned.

    It made me really defensive but yes I couldn't help but laugh because I pictured this sad, short little man that had struggled to date women because they couldn't handle looking down at him. The anger he must feel... Let's just hope he doesn't take it out on me next time!