Sunday, 17 October 2010


INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

"INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends & creativity become contagious today in music and fashion.

Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today's pop culture." (The Cool Hunter)

There are indeed certain people that can tap into weak signals...singularly it's only one thing happening but when you see these signals all over the world it's a clear trend.  I can't wait to see this documentary as I still find it massively interesting to see how and why things become the way the do.  Taking NYC as their example is all well and good but we live in a global society, I would love to see this extend to look at the most influential "influencers" throughout the world.

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  1. I love The Cool Hunter!

    in reply to your comment I'm not nasty i just like a bit of xfactor banter :P Really dislike Katie too!! xx